Quebec, Canada

Campervans & canines on the Gaspé Peninsula

by Anabelle Dubois

1 person, 1 dog, 2,000 km, 10 days

After many weeks of confinement, when travel restrictions in Quebec finally eased up, I was able to satisfy the urge to escape my tiny apartment. As soon as I had the chance, I grabbed my dog and booked a Ford Transit van fitted for camping duty, and chased the beauty of Quebec along the Saint-Lawrence River. Hundreds of kilometers only to take a deep breath of cold, fresh Gaspé Peninsula air. Gosh, did I need this!

I spent my first night in the little village of La Pocatière, because I knew it would treat me to the best sunrise on my first morning. I was up and on my way early, because I couldn’t wait to enjoy the famous guédille, a shrimp sandwich popular in the Canadian Maritimes.

Freelance life is great. But Monday is Monday no matter where you are! I spent the day parked on a beach near Saint-Anne-des-Monts working from the campervan, with an unbelievable office view and a little encouragement from the best co-worker. Fortunately, the van was equipped with extra batteries for a worry-free work day.

If you’re anywhere in the northeast of North America, the Gaspé Peninsula should definitely be on your road trip bucket list. There are plenty of ways to go about exploring the area, but the most famous and easy way is to simply follow Route 132. Hundreds of kilometers with no turns along the ocean, until you’ve completed the full circle and have witnessed the most beautiful landscapes and villages. Along the route, there are countless beach spots to park, camp, eat, and watch the sunset. No planning necessary.

Traveling with a furry friend means you’ll have to stretch those paws at some point. Parc National Forillon is one of the many excellent national and provincial parks in the region, and I took a magical hike there through the pouring rain. At the end of crossing wildflower-lined streams and traipsing around abandoned barns: a very happy and rested doggy!

I often hear from foreign travelers that Quebec offers the most beautiful landscapes, so I am so thankful for the opportunity to play the tourist in my own province. Percé was the perfect climax for my trip, and is definitely a place to remember. Imagine watching the sun rise over Percé Rock! Percé, you now have a special place in my heart.

Discover the calm beauty of coastal Quebec for yourself, or book a car for your own dream road trip, wherever that may be!