Nashville, TN

A spring day in Music City

by Alexis Teichmiller

Editor’s note: This trip took place in 2017. To help scratch that travel itch and fuel your daydreams, we’ll be republishing some of our favorite Travelogues from the past.

2 people, 102 miles, 1 day

As Nashville locals, my friend Jessica and I rarely partake in touristic activities. But when it’s sunny and 75 on a Sunday, you can’t help but shed your winter coat and explore the city.

So when we stumbled upon Thomas’ Corvette Stingray, we knew this would be a Sunday Funday we would never forget. Since I’m a lifestyle blogger and Jessica is a professional photographer, we wanted to make our day a true Nashville experience.

We started our morning early on Broadway, the main strip in downtown Nashville. Being a city primarily know for country music, Nashville’s main drag is a must see — for the live music, line dancing, and good brews. My favorite bar is Acme Feed & Seed for the urban digs and the best place to listen to live music is the three level bar, Honky Tonk Central. You haven’t truly seen Nashville until you’ve been to Broadway.

Next stop — caffeine of course! We drove just north of downtown to the historical neighborhood of Germantown for fresh coffee. Germantown is paved with brick roads, independent restaurants, and boutiques you want to spend hours in.

There are so many coffee shops in Nashville, but Barista Parlor has one of the most unique atmospheres — complete with motorcycles and racetrack flags. It’s the perfect place to sip on pour-over coffee and hang with friends.

While exploring Germantown, we worked up quite the appetite. Sunday Brunch is a staple in Nashville, so we made our way across the Cumberland River into East Nashville. Jessica and I stopped for brunch at Marche Artisan Foods. Think comfort food with a French twist. It never disappoints!

The culture in East Nashville is really unique. There are so many new homes being built and storefronts going up. It’s a fresh mix of new and old with a lot of hipster vibes. Since we were sporting quite the ride, we had to stop at a friend’s house to show off a bit!

After living in Nashville for the past few years, one of my favorite parts has been watching the skyline grow. We stopped for a quick view of the skyline before heading onto our next adventure — donuts.

When I want donuts, there’s only one place to go — Five Daughters Bakery in 12th South. They make 100 layer donuts that will keep you coming back for more. 12th South is a trendy street lined with Southern cuisine and contemporary bites.

With the sun shining brightly, there’s only one way to spend an afternoon — picnic in the park with your girlfriends, jamming to music, and eating takeout!

We parked the car and joined a few friends at Centennial Park, home of the historic Greek Parthenon. Consider it the Central Park of Nashville. The park was packed with people running, exploring, and having their own picnics.

Once our appetites were satisfied, we knew it was time for our last adventure of the day. Jessica and I packed up the Corvette, in pursuit of the perfect spot to watch the sunset.

The hills of Tennessee were calling our names! Just 10 miles south of Nashville, a historic road named Natchez Trace Parkway emerges, and winds its way deep into the South, not stopping until Natchez, Mississippi. There couldn’t be a more perfect road for a Sunday drive to take in the breathtaking sights. Plus, there is a large bridge you can pull off on to watch the sunset. And that’s exactly what we did!

Life was meant for days like this: Blue sky, open roads, good food, and great friends. Nashville is one of the most charming cities I’ve ever been to.

The people are kind, generous, and creative. The food is cultured, thoughtful, and usually deep fried. The sights are unique and truly entertaining. Living here has been a gift and I’m honored to share this Sunday Funday with you. Until next time y’all!