posted on June 15, 2021

After seven years, Turo is back in the Empire State

I’m thrilled to announce that Turo is re-entering New York, returning to the Empire State for the first time in seven years!

Thanks to our Commercial Host program launching in New York last week, Turo is once again available to travelers in all 50 US states. While our community can now access cars in New York through the Turo platform, it’s not the typical Turo experience. We’re continuing to work with various government entities in the state to bring peer-to-peer car sharing to New York, but we’re incredibly excited to reach this significant milestone.

At launch, the first vehicles are available in New York City. We are curating a roster of licensed and insured car rental entrepreneurs of all sizes to enroll in our Commercial Host program to provide a delightful alternative way for travelers and New York residents to access cars when they need them. Empowering these local car rental entrepreneurs to tap into our global network of millions of prescreened guests will be a boon for their businesses, and it’ll establish a strong foundation for Turo to grow in the New York market.

Due to the pandemic and subsequent dramatic rebound in travel demand, traditional rental car prices have skyrocketed as cars have become scarce. As our presence in New York expands, it will be easier for travelers to access cars through the independent car rental businesses we’ve brought on board, and benefit from the variety, flexibility, and support the Turo marketplace affords.

An opportunity for New Yorkers

Thanks to this significant milestone, Turo is available to New Yorkers for the first time in many years. We look forward to working to unlock the full peer-to-peer marketplace in the near future, but until then, book from a Commercial Host in New York City for your summer travel needs! Whether you’re heading upstate for some countryside R&R or beating the heat out on Long Island, book with a Commercial Host on Turo to help you get wherever you’re going!

Michelle is Turo's General Counsel and de facto movie reviewer. Her sassy movie review Slack channel, The Fang Of Justice, is a perennial favorite among the Turo literati.