posted on June 25th, 2019

Book a ride like no other on Turo

We’re delighted to announce a new partnership with pioneering vehicle manufacturer, Can-Am. Starting today, June 25, 2019, guests in select California, Nevada, and South Carolina cities can book a three-wheel roadster and enjoy a five-star experience, courtesy of a passionate Can-Am enthusiast who wants to offset their vehicle costs.

Three wheel feels

Turo is providing Can-Am a novel sales and engagement platform to reach new audiences. As a means of supplementing its existing sales channels, Can-Am will leverage the vast Turo network of vehicle enthusiasts and potential buyers as a way to reinvent the test drive and create deeper engagement with potential customers and enthusiasts. 

To ensure that Turo guests get the full Can-Am experience, Can-Am has hand-picked and inspected each of the vehicles for this program, so guests can feel what it’s like to tear down the open road in a well loved, perfectly maintained three-wheeler.

Think of these Turo trips as extended test drives, curated by a passionate Can-Am owner. These hosts boast impeccable product knowledge and consistent five-star ratings, so they’re more than happy to share everything their vehicle has to offer before sending their guests off on an unforgettable adventure. With their expertise and the Spyder and Ryker’s renowned control, stability, and comfort, guests can be sure to ride with confidence no matter their experience level.

The pilot program launches on June 25, 2019, in San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco, Reno, Las Vegas, and Myrtle Beach. No motorcycle license is required to operate a three-wheel vehicle in these cities — a regular driver’s license will suffice — and Can-Am hosts will have helmets available for each of their guests. And, of course, each trip comes standard with a variety of Turo protection plans.

Offsetting ownership costs

As Turo continues to change the economics of vehicle ownership around the world, now Can-Am enthusiasts, too, can offset the costs of owning these zippy vehicles. Current and prospective Can-Am owners alike can use the Turo Carculator to learn how much they could earn on Turo, then use that cash to cover payments or fund a new purchase. As the mobility landscape continues to evolve, we hope that vehicle enthusiasts can leverage Turo to afford the three-wheeler of their dreams.

Welcome to the Can-Am family!

Turo is continuing to change the way that people access, experience, and purchase vehicles, and we’re thrilled to introduce our community of over 10 million to innovative companies like Can-Am. Whether you’re a seasoned motorhead or a first-time rider, welcome to the Can-Am family!