posted on June 4th, 2019

Turo rolls into Nova Scotia, Canada today, and we couldn’t be more excited about the road ahead.

Since our Canadian launch in 2016, we’ve heard only praise about this ocean playground and when a good trip calls, we respond. We set our sights on Nova Scotia, loved what we found, and decided this was the spot for our expansion into Atlantic Canada. Years ago we named a boardroom in our head office Cabot Trail, and so it was about time we headed East!

Of course, we’re not the type of guest to arrive empty handed. We’re driving east with two gifts tucked in our glove box: the possibility of adventure and the potential for earning.

Each month, Turo receives thousands of searches for cars in the province from our global community of over 10 million guests. Clearly, the world’s eager to check out this corner of Canada that offers over 7,500 kilometres of coastline for tourists to explore. Nova Scotia’s travel industry is booming and thanks to Turo, locals earn a piece of that pie by turning their car into an earnings engine.

By offering convenience, lower cost, and an unrivalled selection of vehicles, we’ve built a Canadian community of 650,000 people and over 23,000 listed cars, making us the largest and fastest growing car-sharing marketplace in the country. At present, Turo also operates in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, and British Columbia, offering a robust marketplace for Nova Scotia’s aspiring hosts and guests.

Ultimately, this is what Turo is about: Making wanderlust more affordable, accessible, human, and convenient by empowering Canada to put its 23 million cars to better use. For some, that’s cruising along Marine Drive. For others, that means listing their idle car and saving up for a future adventure.

On average, Canadian car owners earn $600 by sharing their car only nine days out of the month — and they’re not using their cars for most of it. According to our recent survey conducted in partnership with Angus Reid Global, drivers in Atlantic Canada use their vehicles only 4.6% of the time and 46% of them think the cost of car ownership is too high. With Turo, it’s possible to seize the earning potential of that other 95.4% by transforming a depreciating asset into a steady revenue stream.

Naturally, we don’t let our hosts ride solo. We cover every car with up to $2 million in insurance from Intact for third party liability, offer 24/7 roadside assistance, and provide customer support seven days a week.

In other words, we’ll be the best backseat driver you’ve ever had.

So to those Nova Scotians who’ve been members of the Turo community for a while, thanks for introducing us to your home!

To the new arrivals hopping in, welcome aboard. Here’s to taking the adventure from sea to shining sea.