posted on June 2, 2022

Host take is increasing to 75%

​​Starting June 2, 2022, hosts based in Canada will take home an additional 5% of the trip price from each trip booked after that date, with no change to the current protection plan. No catch, just more earnings. Woohoo!

This take rate change will help hosts be more profitable and grow their businesses. More money can now go towards investing in your portfolio, buying more cars, or diversifying into an entirely different market.

When host take goes up, profit margins may also go up

Based on recent internal analysis of a handful of top hosts, an additional take of 5% of the trip price can result in an estimated 12% increase in host profitability. While results may vary from host to host, the bottom line is that this change will put more dollars into your pocket and boost the profitability of your Turo business.

Turo is investing more in the Canadian marketplace this year

This is only the beginning of our efforts to keep investing in our host community. Your success is Turo’s success and putting more money in your pocket is just the first wind of change helping to create a flywheel of success. Other exciting upcoming changes include amping up our marketing investments to grow the Turo brand in Canada, the launch of the Atlantic provinces, increasing the maximum market value of listings in British Columbia to $105,000, and increasing coverage with 24/7 customer support.

More success is on the horizon

Thank you for your hard work, your collaboration, and your tireless dedication to making Turo the best it can be. The biggest earning season of the year is here, and you’re going to crush it!