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posted on April 18, 2023

Happy Earth Day!

Today, we’re incredibly proud to announce that Turo is now officially Carbon Neutral Certified!

Since April 2021, Turo has been committed to making our platform carbon neutral as part of our efforts to make car travel more sustainable. Turo has been offsetting 100% of the estimated global carbon emissions created by our marketplace by investing in greenhouse-gas-reduction projects that help combat climate change. Funding for these projects by Turo effectively counteracts any emissions created from Turo trips, Turo offices, and all Turo operations around the globe.

The negated carbon footprint from these offset projects has been verified by a third-party leader in environmental and sustainability verification, SCS Global Services, earning Turo this Carbon Neutral Certification!

The carbon neutral certification verifies and formalizes our work in offsetting 100% of annual 2022 greenhouse gas emissions, and helps affirm our commitment to minimizing the environmental impact our marketplace has on the planet we love to explore. The certification process required a granular review of our footprint, including calculation of greenhouse gasses emitted by vehicles during trips, waste produced by Turo offices, and even vehicle use for employee commutes.

“An important part of Turo’s mission in putting the world’s 1.5 billion cars to better use is ensuring the world’s existing resources are put to better use,” said Turo CEO, Andre Haddad. “I’m proud of the steps we — our employees and vibrant community of hosts and guests — have collectively taken to reduce our environmental footprint while enjoying all that Turo has to offer.”

As when Turo first began its carbon neutrality initiative, there are still no extra costs or fees for the Turo community — hosts and guests can share and drive cars knowing the carbon they create will be offset by the innovative projects funded by this initiative.

Carbon offset projects

Turo balances out its scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions by purchasing carbon offsets — investments in a few legitimate, verified emission reduction projects that have real impacts on fighting climate change around the world. The J.B. Hunt Transportation Efficiency Project reduces the number of semi-trucks on US highways from coast to coast, resulting in an estimated 50 percent reduction in gas emissions from the transport of goods, as well as improved highway safety and less wear on our roads.

The Koyulhisar Hydro Project is a dam on the Kelkit stream in Turkey, which creates renewable power and is replacing or delaying the creation of traditional thermal power plants in the region.

The Kootznoowoo Forestry Project protects 20,000 acres of forest on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska, including approximately 8,000 acres of old-growth forest. The project is owned by the native Tlingit and Haida people and managed in common with the US Forest Service, and, in addition to preserving the woodland ecosystem, the project helps support an education fund for the native community.

Looking ahead

Moving forward, the team is exploring additional ways to promote more sustainable car travel. The auto industry is moving swiftly toward electrification, and for over a decade, Turo has been helping drive the adoption of electric vehicles, with a majority of the most sought-after new electric models available today. For now, we’re pleased to continue taking action to reckon with the emissions created by our marketplace and delighted to earn this carbon neutral certification, and we’re excited to lean into the transition to EVs with many initiatives across the Turo experience.

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