posted on June 17th, 2016

This week brings some glimpses into the future of cars and cities, plus a French auto race and close car encounters with Jerry Seinfeld.

New cities for new cars

As the technology for autonomous cars develops, questions are cropping up about how cities will evolve to accommodate new technology in transportation. The US Department of Transportation is aware of the impending shift, and is looking for new solutions through its Smart City Challenge, which pledges up to $40 million to a city that fully integrates smart technology into its infrastructure.

Strength & endurance

The famous 24 Hours of Le Mans begins this weekend on the Circuit de la Sarthe in Le Mans, France. This will mark the 84th year of the prestigious race, which challenges drivers to compete in fast cars that can also endure a several-thousand-mile race. Every year brings an intriguing Garage 56 race entry.

Cars and jokes

The latest season of Jerry Seinfeld’s hit series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee started on Thursday, June 16. What’s the deal with funny people in an array of stunning cars? You’ll have to find out for yourself.

Long-range electric competition

Silicon Valley company Atieva, with considerable funding from Chinese investors, aims to compete with Tesla by releasing a high-end electric sedan in 2018, and a couple of luxury crossovers starting in 2020.

Full coverage

In the UK, a company called Adrian Flux has released the first self-driving car insurance policy, meant to cover drivers whose cars already have autonomous features. This policy is expected to set a precedent for insurers around the globe and a framework for covering fully-autonomous vehicles in the future.

And to close things out…

Michael Bay reveals the new Transformers Ford Mustang character, Rolls Royce brings its ludicrously luxurious boat of a self-driving car to the table, the provenance of car emojis is thoroughly analyzed, and this tiny toy car shares its adventures with the world.

Kamala Puligandla is a writer and an editorial assistant at Turo. She is always on the hunt for a strange story, a great snack, and the perfect outdoor spot to consume them.