posted on April 1st, 2018

While putting the world’s one billion cars to better use has been the driving mission that led Turo into over 5,500 cities across the globe, we pride ourselves on always looking ahead.

It’s come to our attention this April that, sure, Porsches impart the joys of a fine wine, Lamborghinis offer more thrills than a 1920s cabaret, and Teslas have the keen ability to soothe an existential crisis, but the world of high-end vehicles extends far beyond the road.

We say, let’s go beyond the road. As we speak, 70% of the earth’s surface is already covered in water, and in our opinion, there is only one way to own those nautical adventures. That’s why, today, April 1st, we are overjoyed to bring the hot tub boat to Turo for a limited time.* As far as we can tell, there is no greater pleasure in life, than a hot tub that’s also a boat.

We say why wear shoes, and use a clutch, and contend with traffic lights, when you can lie back in a hot tub in your skivvies and have your back massaged while gliding effortlessly through life?

This is the future Turo is invested in bringing to our community. This is the new frontier. Join us.

Hot Tub’s Hot Tub Boat 2016

Seattle, WA

Taylor’s Hot Tub Crusing Boat 2014

San Diego, CA

*Hot tub boat experiences are offered by Commercial Hosts on Turo for the month of April, 2018, so please contact hosts directly if you have questions, concerns, or require assistance with your trip.