posted on May 7th, 2019

Turo is incredibly excited to announce a partnership with Smartcar that will use their API to integrate with the Turo app. Powered by Smartcar, Turo will be the first peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace that allows eligible hosts to connect their Turo account directly to their connected car, so hosts can share their vehicles without installing hardware or meeting guests to exchange keys.

This is an important step that puts the computer systems in a car in direct communication with a mobile device, making it possible to access a vehicle and data from that vehicle on your phone. The potential opened up by this technology is thrilling, and we’re pleased to be a part of making connected mobility a reality!

Changing the game

This new partnership builds on the benefits of Turo Go, making it even easier for guests to locate and instantly unlock cars right from the Turo app. The direct link between hosts’ vehicles and the Turo app, without any hardware installation, means even more hosts across the country can make their cars accessible to guests. Eligible hosts will field more trips and earn even more with less hassle. Guests will continue to get exceptional, unique experiences on Turo, now with even more convenience and flexibility.

The partnership will launch with select hosts in California and New Jersey, but we plan to open it up to the entire US later this year, which will make thousands of cars on Turo accessible at the tap of a button. When the integration is live, Turo hosts with qualifying vehicles will be notified that they can connect their cars to the Turo app.

How it works

Using Smartcar’s API, the Turo app links directly to hosts’ connected cars so that guests can use Turo to find and book cars nearby, and also lock and unlock them through the car’s own internal systems. The technology is available across multiple makes, including BMW and Tesla, and the API also allows hosts to view their car’s location and mileage.

A world of possibility

This partnership between Turo and Smartcar represents significant momentum toward a future where all forms of transportation are connected through technology and allow us to make the smartest choices — not only about how we travel and use transportation, but also how we approach the economics and practicality of car ownership.

“At Smartcar, our dream is to have our API used by innovative companies changing the mobility landscape. Turo is doing exactly that,” says Smartcar CEO, Sahas Katta. “We’re thrilled to have their incredible developer team use our product to build new, innovative car sharing experiences. It’s been exciting to see them integrate with our API, making it easier than ever for their customers to share vehicles.”

Similarly, Turo CEO, Andre Haddad, is delighted by the opportunities ahead. “This partnership takes us one step closer to the future of car ownership where connectivity enables effortless car sharing for owners and gives on-demand access for guests. With hardware barriers removed, Turo becomes exceptionally streamlined and well-positioned for growth, furthering our mission of putting the world’s 1.2 billion cars to better use.”

We’ll keep our community up-to-date on these exciting new developments as they roll out!