posted on August 17th, 2017

You’ve got the power

Hosts and guests alike have been yearning for more flexibility than our standard $0.75 per mile fee, and we’re thrilled to report that as of August 24, you’ll be able to customize your additional mileage fee.

The need-to-knows of this product update


As of August 24, you’ll be able to customize the additional mileage fee for each of your vehicles listed on Turo. We recommend being as realistic and honest as possible with your fee — take into consideration your specific car’s value and maintenance costs when customizing your price.

To customize your price, simply go to the “Distance included” tab on “Your car” page and tweak your price.


It’s important for hosts to note that on August 24, we’ll automatically update your fee with the best price per mile for the year, make, model, and trim of your specific car. We’ll update the prices of your cars just once on August 24, and you can change them any time after or opt out of the auto update now.

The rationale for both updating your existing fees and empowering you to customize them yourself is to honor our commitment to both our host and traveler communities — $0.75 per mile is a steep price for a car with less expensive upkeep, while of course it’s not enough to compensate hosts with luxury vehicles with expensive depreciation costs.

Below are some examples of new Turo-recommended fees based on year, make, and model (trim not included in these calculations).

These fee updates will apply to new and future reservations only; previously booked trips will be grandfathered in the $0.75 per mile fee, even if a mileage reimbursement is filed after August 24.


Keep it coming!

This update represents your valuable feedback coming to fruition. As members of our thoughtful host community, living and breathing the Turo experience each and every day, you have the best insights and ideas. Be sure to swing by your local community party to chat up other hosts and keep sharing your savvy insights with the Turo team!