posted on August 17th, 2017


Renting a car from the Turo marketplace is always an adventure — since our host community is made up of real people from different walks of life and with different ways of doing things, there’s no set and scripted way to orchestrate each Turo trip. It’s this diversity that makes the marketplace so special — diverse cars, diverse hosts, and diverse experiences — but it also can lead to some inconsistency.

To make sure that hosts and guests alike cross all the “t”s and dot the “i”s before and after each trip, we’ve reimagined the check-in and checkout experience to be easier and more convenient than ever.

A customized experience

On the day of your trip, both hosts and travelers will be greeted with a new concierge that gives you a snapshot of everything you need to gear up for your trip — including who you’re meeting, which car is booked, and where both parties should meet.

This concierge will help you prepare to check in for your trip and keep all the crucial information easily accessible on your phone when you’re on the go.

Setting up each trip for success

As you move through the check-in process, both hosts and their guests will walk through some important reminders.

Hosts will be reminded to check their guest’s license and verify their legal name. It’s important to check your guest’s license and confirm it’s valid with each trip, so you know who they are and you can feel confident handing over your keys. Checking your guest’s license will also help ensure eligibility for your protection package.

Hosts and guests will both be presented with the “Rules of the road”, including reminders about timing, refueling, mileage limits, and more, to properly set expectations and make sure everyone’s on the same page from the get-go.

Refueling the car at the end of the trip, not smoking in the car, and being on time are not just courtesies, but also requirements for each and every Turo trip.

Turo prides itself on our respectful, responsible community, so these are friendly reminders to keep our community strong, courteous, and trustworthy.

More visibility for hosts

Checking in and out of trips will give hosts more visibility into the exact start and end times of their guests’ trips, as well as closure to guests when the trip is over.

With the new check-in process, guests will swipe to officially “start” their trip when they have the keys in hand and have completed check-in. When the trip is over, guests will be walked through a similar checkout process, and will ultimately swipe to officially “end” the trip, once the fuel is topped off, photos are taken, and the keys are back safely with the host.

Turbocharged efficiency

In addition to the guided check-in and checkout processes, we’ve also upped the ante on the speed and efficiency of uploading photos. Thanks to the turbocharged photo upload process, documenting the condition of the car is as easy as snap, submit, and hand over the keys.

Hosts are responsible for uploading fresh photos before each trip documenting the condition of the car, mileage, and fuel level.

Guests will be able to view and add additional photos as needed, so both parties are in agreement before finishing check-in. We strongly recommend that guests upload photos to document the condition of the vehicle before and after each trip, so they’re not held responsible for existing damage.


Photos are essential for both parties to protect themselves from unsubstantiated claims — and it’s important to note that beginning October 1, 2017, all hosts must take and upload relevant photos to be eligible for a protection package via Turo. We’ll email our hosts a reminder before this policy goes into effect.

Filing a damage claim is rarely pleasant — for either party. To be fair to both hosts and guests, requiring photographic evidence (before and after pictures) ensures that a fair decision can be made when Turo is evaluating a claim.

The faster photo uploads will help make this new policy easy to honor, so keep your app updated to make sure you get to benefit from the boosted performance.

Smoother check-in & checkout, happier travels

This smoother check-in and checkout experience will roll out in the next few weeks. It will help create a consistent experience and balanced expectations across the marketplace, and makes all of the need-to-know information easily accessible on the Turo mobile app.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to download or update the Turo app!