posted on November 15, 2022

Unveiling our new ad campaign

After a successful campaign last year where we unveiled our new tagline, Find your drive, we started this year super invigorated by the potential of where we could take our brand. The notion of “Finding your drive” resonates with so many people — everyone has an innate drive to reach for more, for better, and to question the status quo. It has become the rallying cry that unites our entire community — our hosts, our guests, and even our employees, whom we affectionately call “Turists”.

So this year, we’ve been focused on harnessing the energy of this powerful positioning, pulling it into our brand’s core values, and folding it all into our latest and greatest ad campaign.

Happy birthday, Turo! 🎉

It’s been seven years this month since we became Turo — happy birthday, Turo! So much has happened in the last seven years. The move from our old brand to Turo was a risky one —  completely changing the name, the look, and the feel our community had become accustomed to — but it unlocked our ability to build a category-defining brand. Over the past seven years, together with our community we’ve built Turo from the ground up and pioneered peer-to-peer car sharing. We disrupted a traditional industry that was slow to innovate, and we told the stories of our incredibly bold and entrepreneurial hosts providing unique cars and experiences to our guests. We elevated how guests think about cars, from just a commodity that gets you from point A to point B, to the main attraction that defines your trip. Rebranding to Turo was the best thing we could have done.

And now, all these years later, we’ve evolved our brand along with the business and the times, and with last year’s unveiling of “Find your drive”, it was time to take a critical look under the hood of our brand platform, too. First up — the Turo values, what we consider to be the core personality traits that make us unique and distinctive. 

Reimagining the Turo core values

Today we emerge with four core values that we use as north stars in our branding, as well as to guide our internal culture. They are:

  • Grounded — We see the person first.
  • Expressive — We celebrate uniqueness.
  • Bold — We push beyond the expected.
  • Driven — We strive to make it better.

These values are true to us — they’re the product of countless interviews with hosts, guests, and Turists about what makes Turo special today, yet they still feel anchored in who we were, back in 2015, and who we strive to become tomorrow. They’ve become instrumental in informing our decisions.

Armed with these new core values, we wanted to inject them into our next campaign. 

Open the door to extraordinary

You don’t need the multiverse or the metaverse to discover new dimensions of yourself. You just need to open some new doors.

Introducing “Open the door to extraordinary”, a multi-channel campaign that depicts the car door as a portal to a different world, one where you can be your best self, your boldest, most expressive self.

We dialed up the magic by leaning heavily into visual effects. For the first time ever, Turo embraced the blue screen, utilizing Unreal Engine, the same exciting technology used in productions such as “Westworld” and “The Mandalorian”.

In addition to these Turo-produced assets, we engaged with some of the internet’s savviest and most driven TikTokers, Instagrammers, and YouTubers for their take on “Open doors”. In the spirit of expressiveness, we asked creative minds like Caleb Natale, Phil Cohen, and Meghan O’Rourkee to take the brief and use their own interpretations to create something truly unique. 

And finally, what would a 360 campaign be without an in-person activation? Thinking about experiential, transformative road trips, we partnered with Michelin to open the door to a collection of exclusive culinary road trips. With a storied past with its origins in car travel, the French tire maker was one of the first companies to foster and capitalize on the idea of the experiential road trip. Michelin set out to identify quality restaurants and hotels to provide worthy detours for extraordinary food and memorable lodging; early guides were published to get travelers out on the road and exploring. In celebration of this rich road trip heritage, travelers can claim these one-of-a-kind packages at four restaurants named to The Michelin Guide in California and New York. Learn more here.

The overall campaign aims to inspire our customers to get out there and find their drive — whether they need to get out of town to rest and recharge, want to experience a one-of-a-kind meal in a one-of-a-kind car, or simply crave a little inspo from the driver’s seat.

Where you’ll see it

The campaign is debuting now on a streaming channel near you, as well as on your favorite podcast, social channel, and even on the walls of your local airport.

We hope it brings you some joy, and that it helps you see the simple magic of an open door. There are extraordinary possibilities hiding in plain sight, all you have to do is open the door.

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As CMO of Turo, Andrew leads a world-class team of sales and marketing professionals on their mission to grow the Turo community, make Turo an iconic global brand, and put the world’s 1.5B cars to better use.