posted on July 7, 2016

Travelers are looking for a unique trip tailored to their needs, and Turo hosts know how to curate that experience. We’ve recently made some important product changes that give owners even more options and flexibility to create the most accommodating trips for both themselves  and their guests.


Perfect for when you’re going out of town or otherwise need a break from receiving trip requests, the new snooze feature allows you to unlist your car for a set period of time. You set the date when you want your car to be automatically re-listed, saving you the trouble of remembering to do it manually.


Delete listings

If you no longer own your car, you can now permanently remove that listing from Turo. Past reviews of your car will remain on your profile, and you can still access past trips.

30 days for ticket and toll reimbursements

You might not find out about tickets and tolls until several weeks after a trip has ended, so now you’ll have 30 days to request reimbursement for tickets and tolls. You’ll still have 72 hours to request reimbursements for mileage overages and gas replacement.

More options for changing trips

Sometimes plans change or things come up, so we’re giving travelers more ways to make changes to their booked trips to make requesting last minute changes easier for everyone.

  • Travelers can request to change the location of a booked trip. Even the best-laid plans evolve, so if travelers originally intended to return the car at the airport, but now have a different drop-off point in mind, hosts can offer them that flexibility.
  • Travelers can request to shorten a booked trip. Guests who want to end a booked trip earlier than expected can make a request ahead of time, or even while the trip is in progress. As always, hosts can approve or decline the modification depending on what works for their schedule.

We encourage owners to take advantage of these new options to make trips work better for both you and your guests.

Roy Schaham is the Director of Product Management at Turo. When he’s not solving customer problems and geeking out on all things product, you’ll find him on the tennis court or hanging out with his three kids.