posted on August 17th, 2017


No host likes to cancel. It puts a wrench in guests’ plans and means missing out on bookings. In order to strengthen Turo’s commitment to delivering awesome guest experiences while also recognizing the realities of hosting, we’re making some changes to our host cancellation policy.

A responsive cancellation policy

We know not all host cancellations are equal, and our new policy — effective August 24, 2017 — reflects this:

    • Instead of one standard cancellation fee, hosts will be charged a $25 fee for canceling more than 24 hours before trip start or a $50 fee for canceling less than 24 hours in advance of a trip. The applicable fee will be deducted from your next payout.
    • We’ll automatically waive any cancellation fee if you can rebook your guest within 24 hours.
  • We’ll automatically waive the fee if it’s your first cancellation in 10 trips. We get it, you’re usually on your game. But life happens, even to amazing hosts, so we’ve baked in latitude to the cancellation policy to account for life’s little annoyances.

As a reminder, it’s not only impolite and awkward to ask your guest to cancel a trip on your behalf, it’s also prohibited. If you’re unable to accommodate a trip, it is your responsibility to communicate with your guest and cancel.

How to avoid cancellations

The best way to avoid cancellations is to get trips that work for you, and the Turo app has some handy settings to make that easy.

    • Update your calendar often so you only get trips when your car is actually available.
    • Set pickup & return hours in your “Owner settings” so you only get trips that start and end when you’re available to meet travelers.
  • Fine-tune your trip preferences — tweaking your advance notice settings will help ensure you have plenty of time to prep before each trip, and adjusting your trip duration preferences will help you land trips that are just the right length.

Allowing your car to be booked instantly makes it incredibly appealing to travelers and gives you a leg up on the competition, but using Book Instantly also makes it especially important to keep all of your settings up-to-date to get trips you can fulfill.

What to do when you need to cancel

Even the most prepared and attentive hosts can be hit with an unexpected snag. If you absolutely need to cancel a trip, we advise that you:

    1. Contact your guest immediately, apologize, and let them know what’s come up.
    1. Try (really hard!) to find an alternative arrangement.
  1. If there’s no other option, cancel the trip online or in-app ASAP. Never ask your guest to cancel the trip for you.

These policy updates should create an even better Turo experience, and we want to thank you for helping to make Turo a smooth-running marketplace and an incredible community.

You can also read more from Turo Support on topics like general host cancellations and cancellation penalties.