posted on May 20, 2019

As personal mobility evolves from traditional car ownership to shared mobility, auto insurance must evolve to provide car owners with fractional insurance. As the world’s leading car sharing marketplace, we’re delighted to announce that Turo is teaming up with Metromile to offer a new fractional insurance policy specifically designed for flexible car ownership! Under this policy, Turo hosts with Metromile insurance will pay for coverage on the personal miles they drive, and they won’t pay for coverage while their cars are on trips with guests. Hosts can save money on auto insurance by not doubling up, and ensure coverage for their cars while they’re booked.

Innovating auto insurance

Turo has changed the economics of car ownership by allowing hosts to offset the cost of their vehicles, and, for many hosts, traditional auto insurance is a significant portion of that cost. Metromile is the leading pay-per-mile auto insurance carrier, and makes its coverage fair, flexible, and affordable. We’re very excited to begin offering Metromile’s innovative approach along with Turo’s protection plans to offer our community holistic and adaptable coverage that is well suited to the different ways that Turo hosts use their cars.

How it will work

To track miles, Turo hosts will plug Metromile’s Pulse device into their car’s diagnostic port. Metromile will use Pulse data along with data from a Turo host’s calendar to separate host miles from miles driven by Turo guest, so hosts pay only on their personal driving mileage. The partnership expects to first launch in Illinois, with plans to roll out in seven additional states — California, Washington, Oregon, Virginia, New Jersey, Arizona, and Pennsylvania — where, collectively, more than 40% of Turo hosts are currently located.

Turo hosts who become Metromile customers will join a growing community of drivers who come for substantive savings and stay for an unmatched experience — with mobile app features like street sweeping alerts, engine code analysis, and fuel tracking — that engage drivers all along their journey.

We look forward to continue evolving the mobility landscape to make car sharing even smarter and sweeter for our community. We’ll keep you posted as this partnership launches around the country.

During the week, Steve is head of community and communications at Turo. During the weekend, he's a travel and outdoor enthusiast without a car. All of his US adventures are fueled by Turo.