posted on August 17, 2023

Resources and programs to help residents in need

We were devastated to hear about the wildfires that ravaged Maui last week. Our sincerest condolences and aloha go out to Maui residents and all those affected by this horrific disaster. Maui is home to a truly remarkable and dynamic community of Turo hosts and guests, so we’re pledging $100,000+ to support various relief efforts for our ʻohana in need.

Turo & OpenRoad Foundation will double match donations up to $35,000

Our grassroots team on the ground in Hawaiʻi recommends the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation as a trusted relief resource, so we’re proud to match donations, up to $35,000, to their Maui Strong Fund. The Maui Strong Fund is providing financial resources that can be deployed quickly, with a focus on rapid response and recovery for the devastating wildfires on Maui. 

Our partner OpenRoad Foundation will also match every donation dollar for dollar up to $10,000. That means for every $100 you donate, the Maui Strong Fund will receive an additional $200 courtesy of Turo + OpenRoad Foundation (up to $35,000 in total matching funds).

To donate to the Maui Strong Fund and qualify for the Turo matching program:

  1. Click here and select your gift
  2. Check “I would like to give on behalf of an organization” and indicate “Turo Inc.” as the organization
  3. Take a screenshot of your donation receipt and send it to 

Maui residents can request free or subsidized mobility support 

As part of our own Maui Relief Program, we’d like to help affected residents get behind the wheel as they rebuild. If you’ve been affected by the fires and need short-term access to a car for a few days or more, fill out this form and our Executive Support team will review your request and if you’re eligible, they’ll try to pair you with a local Turo host to get you access to a car, free of charge (or at a subsidized cost depending on availability).* You will receive third party liability insurance at no cost, but you will still be responsible for any damage to the host’s vehicle that occurs during the trip.

Please note: we have a team on call to manually triage the requests, but there may be fluctuating wait times depending on how many requests we receive. We’re dedicated to helping as many people as we can, but we appreciate your patience as we work through the queue.*

Maui car owners can share their cars with other residents

If you have a spare car on Maui or Oʻahu (where many have been evacuated to) that you’d like to share with fellow residents in need for free or at reduced cost, we invite you to fill out the form, too, so our Executive Support team can match you with a guest impacted by the fires in need. 

Turo employees pledge over $18,000 

Additionally, as of publishing this post, Turo employees have pledged over $18,000 in Turo credit to the Maui Relief Program. These funds will help impacted Maui residents with mobility needs during this difficult time and is in addition to the $100,000 committed by Turo and $10,000 committed by the OpenRoad Foundation.

We’re deeply touched by how quickly our employees offered up their personal Turo credits to help Maui residents affected by these devastating wildfires.

Additional resources

Our grassroots team has compiled a list of resources to help Maui hosts impacted by the wildfires. You can find that list of resources here.

Maui strong

Our hearts go out to our ʻohana on the beautiful island of Maui. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and while it’s impossible to fathom the challenges you’re enduring, we know your aloha spirit will persevere.

* Replacement vehicle assistance is available only to Maui residents (as demonstrated by billing address or other verification methods set out by Turo) impacted by the 2023 wildfires. Turo makes no guarantee that we can accommodate a request for assistance. Availability is subject to vehicle, pricing, and trip duration set by hosts and is outside of Turo control. Available funds are limited and trip fees subsidized in whole or part by Turo may be exhausted before all requests can be accommodated. It is in Turo’s sole and exclusive discretion as to how and to whom Turo allocates available funds. For instance, Turo anticipates short duration trips  may be easier to accommodate than those requested for longer periods of time.