posted on July 29, 2020

Healthcare workers enjoy a free night at the drive-in!

Update 8/13: The Miami drive-in event that was originally scheduled for Sunday, August 2 has been rescheduled due to Hurricane Isaias — the new date is Thursday, August 20. Please continue to email [email protected] to register your interest!

To celebrate healthcare professionals working day in and day out to promote the health and safety of their communities, and to celebrate cars as essential spaces that let us be in the world while keeping our distance, Turo is kicking off a national drive-in movie tour that will be free to healthcare personnel and their families and friends on a first come, first served basis. The “Turo at the movies tour” will begin in August with events in Miami, Los Angeles, and Northern Colorado.

We are proud to offer these screenings for free to healthcare workers and their guests, to celebrate their service and give them a much deserved night off to enjoy a classic film from the comfort and physically distanced safety of their cars. Attendees can either drive their own cars to the event, or book something a little zestier on Turo to upgrade their evening digs. Turo is happy to provide $50 in Turo travel credit for folks wishing to book something special.*

The first events in the tour will take place in Miami on Thursday, August 20 at the Hard Rock Stadium, and in Los Angeles on August 20 as well. An upcoming date is scheduled for Northern Colorado on August 31.

Please join us for an evening of escapist reveries, and share the news far and wide with all your friends and family in the healthcare field who could use a night out!

How to reserve your spot

To reserve your spot, simply email [email protected], attaching a photo of your credentials proving you’re a healthcare worker and a resident of the state your event is taking place in. Once we verify your eligibility, we’ll add you to the list and add $50 in travel credit to your Turo account, which you can redeem for the event or hold on to for your next adventure.


The Miami feature film will be Casino Royale. Spaces for this event are limited to the first 30 qualifying applicants, so RSVP soon!

Los Angeles

The LA feature film will be Back to the Future. Spaces for this event are limited to the first 100 qualifying applicants, so RSVP soon!

Northern Colorado

The Fort Collins feature film will be Ghostbusters (1984). Spaces for this event are limited to the first 130 qualifying applicants, so RSVP soon!

* Terms apply. Limited to first 30 qualifying applicants. Must be a Florida resident to qualify. All information, including photos, is collected in accordance with our privacy policy and we will delete it after we make our eligibility decision.