posted on September 28, 2020

This September, we rolled out new protection plans for UK hosts. These plans were launched in response to host feedback asking for more variety and benefits, and to help Turo scale sustainably. In this post, we’ll dive deeper into the plans and the rationale behind them.

Protection plan options for UK hosts

Hosts in the UK have two protection plan options. Hosts can apply different plans to different vehicles. In both instances, eligible vehicles will be covered for damage and third party liability by our insurer, Allianz.

If you opt for the 65 plan, you will have no deductible and may be eligible for a replacement vehicle and loss of host income cover while your car is being repaired. Under this plan, your earnings will be 65% of your daily price.

If you opt for the 75 plan, you will earn 75% of the daily rate and will have a £250 deductible if you submit a claim to Turo. On the 75 plan, you will not qualify for a replacement vehicle or loss of host income cover.

Example scenario: 65 plan

A host’s vehicle has a covered claim with £1000 of damage. The repair turnaround is seven days and this is the host’s only vehicle.

  • Turo pays the host £1000 (full damage).
  • Turo pays the host for their expected loss of Turo earnings and provides a courtesy car.

Example scenario: 75 plan

A host’s vehicle has a covered claim with £1000 of damage.

  • Turo pays the host £750 (damage minus deductible). 

Resolving a claim directly with your guest

We recognise that sometimes it’s easier for hosts to resolve claims directly with their guest and forego assistance from Turo. As such, when you submit a claim you can opt to resolve it independently.

If you choose to resolve independently but both parties can’t come to an agreement on the scope of the damage, you have a 20-day window to contact Turo for assistance or to manage the claim.

Resolve independently: best practices

You have 20 days to solve independently with your guest

In the 75 plan example scenario above, both the host and guest would benefit from resolving the claim independently. The host could recoup the full £1000 and the guest could avoid any handling fees.

Remember, in the event of an incident always report your claim at If your vehicle is involved in an incident with a third party please notify Turo as soon as you can, as these claims cannot be resolved independently and we have to notify our insurer. Please also ensure your guest collects all third-party details — name, car registration, and insurance — and include these details within the claim submission form.

Have more insurance questions? Learn more about UK host protection plans here.


Alec is the Growth, Supply, and Community Associate on the Turo UK team. He loves a good road trip when abroad, and likes to hit the (field) hockey pitch when at home.

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