posted on November 8th, 2017

Keep tabs on your business

Hosts are at the heart of the Turo experience, providing unique and world-class adventures to guests. You work hard to keep your cars and business running smoothly, and the new Host Hub gives you even more tools to manage and grow your business.

This October, we launched the Host Hub to give you a personalized overview of your Turo business. Based on your feedback, we’ve created a new home for your vehicles, insights into key performance and quality metrics, a redesigned reviews experience, and improved earnings information. Explore the new Host Hub to check out facts, figures, and stats regarding your vehicles, performance, reviews, earnings, and settings.

Easier navigation, helpful insights

These new product features offer you handy new resources and tips for boosting your host performance and earnings on Turo.


See all of your cars in one place, and get a quick overview of the past and upcoming trips for each one.


Easily track your performance metrics, like acceptance rate and percent of five star ratings, but most importantly, commitment rate, which demonstrates to guests your level of reliability and engagement. Maintaining high performance rates may also qualify you for the Turo Business Class badge.


Get feedback directly from your guests on where there’s room for improvement and how you wowed them. View your ratings and reviews stats, and feedback for all of your cars, or drill into a single listing to see which cars are getting the most rave reviews from your guests.


Closely follow your earnings, broken down by month and by car, to track which cars perform well for you and which months are stronger than others.

Changes to response rate & time

Additionally, based on your feedback, we’ve changed the way we calculate response rates and times to better reflect your more recent host performance.

The new definitions will only reflect the past 365 days, rather than all time, and will now incorporate a 100% response rate and 0 minute response time for trips booked with Book Instantly.

We know many hosts improve their performance over time, and that guests rely on these metrics when they book, so you deserve credit for your hard work.

Your two cents!

The Host Hub is the most recent update we’ve made by listening to your valuable feedback and putting it into action. We appreciate the attentive and thorough insights that our hosts regularly bring to the Turo team. Please continue sharing your thoughts and ideas, and join us and fellow community members at your next local community party.