posted on August 9th, 2016

We’re thrilled to be the first car rental marketplace ever to allow travelers to search for cars based on color. Turo’s innovation of search by color makes it even easier for travelers to find the perfect vehicle among our unbeatable selection of cars.

True colors

One of the unique pleasures of Turo’s marketplace is choosing and getting a specific car. Travelers also love knowing precisely what color their car will be. With overwhelming interest from our community, we saw a golden opportunity. Turo had to build the first car rental search by color.

Paint the town red

The days of getting an arbitrary car color based on the whims of the rental counter are over. In any of the thousands of locations or airports in the US or Canada, you can now search Turo cars by color. Perhaps you want a convertible that matches the silver screen when you visit Tinseltown. Imagine rolling into South Beach with a white SUV. Enjoy an adventure to Washington, DC in red, white, or blue. The possibilities for finding a car color to match your mood, occasion, or personal preference are exhilarating.

Double rainbow of innovation

To enable this new feature, Turo automatically detects the color of cars in our marketplace through intelligent image recognition software. Turo car owners don’t need to do anything to be included in search by color. Our software has already classified the colors of all the vehicles currently on the marketplace. Powering search by color is just one of the applications we see for advanced image recognition technology to power innovations for our community.

Search by color is currently available on the web and will be coming to our popular iPhone and Android apps later this summer.

Thanks for dreaming in color with Turo as we continue to imagine new adventures to take together.

Tom is Turo's Chief Product Officer. His favorite colors (and adventures) are usually found on Mt. Tam.