posted on November 15th, 2019

Keep your favorite guests coming back for more

We are very excited to announce that, starting next week and just in time for the holidays, Turo hosts will be able to give discounts to guests they’ve enjoyed hosting! With this new tool, hosts can show appreciation to their guests and offer percent-off discounts for future trips with their cars.

This feature is yet another inspired by our business-savvy host community — hosts who have long clamored for the ability to invite excellent guests back with discounts of their choosing.

These host-given discounts apply to future trips, attracting more bookings and more repeat business. Many hosts report a more comfortable, lower friction experience when working with regular guests, thanks to an ease of communication that comes with a guest’s familiarity with the host and their car.

How it works

If you have a particularly pleasant experience with a guest, you can choose to send them a unique promo code to use on their next trip with you. While rating your guests’ trips, you have the option to give a 5%, 10%, or 15% discount.

When a guest uses their code, the discount percentage is applied to the trip total, up to a maximum of $100 off. Host earnings are then calculated based on the new, discounted total.

Guests will receive in-app messages as well as email notifications with their promo code, which is only valid when they book one of your cars (any of your cars). Keep in mind these host discount codes expire 90 days after you rate your guests’ trips, so encourage your guests to use their discount before it’s too late!

More bookings, more control

With this new tool, hosts are empowered to attract the guests they want coming back, and gain more control over their pricing and market competitiveness. This feature will not only result in increased bookings for hosts, but also a strengthened personal connection between host and guest, ultimately making the Turo marketplace an even tighter-knit community.

Hosts — make sure you have the newest version of the Turo app on Monday November 18, then give it a try!