posted on May 9, 2019

Fresh options, more convenience

Starting today, hosts have access to some exciting new delivery options to create even more convenience and variety for guests looking to get their car delivered. For years, hosts have been asking to have hotels, train stations, and other points of interest added to the delivery feature, and now we’re thrilled to provide hosts with these diverse new options to add even more customization and convenience to their Turo offering.

To support these new structured points of interest, we’re transitioning to a new, richer location data source over the next few weeks. All hosts who offer delivery will need to visit their car’s settings and either 1) add new delivery locations to their listings or 2) reconfirm their existing delivery settings before the transition window ends on June 6, 2019.

It’s critical that you update and reconfirm your delivery preferences before June 6 to continue to offer delivery as usual. We’ll send a series of reminders over the next few weeks to ensure you don’t miss out on the upgrade. Once you’ve confirmed your preferences, guests will still be able to book your car at any previously enabled delivery locations. Guests will be able to book at your new locations, including hotels and train stations, beginning in June.

How it works

To update your delivery settings, visit your car’s settings pages in your Host Hub, and navigate to the “Location & delivery” section. You can then select from popular delivery locations on the map or search for a specific delivery location in the search bar, which will offer you a list of nearby points of interest. Select the locations to which you’d like to deliver and add any specific instructions for that location.

Note that you’ll be able to select a maximum of 10 delivery locations for each of your listed vehicles.

In addition to selecting your delivery locations, you’ll need to set your delivery fee for each location and select a preferred check-in method for each delivery location (for example, whether you’ll meet your guest in person, use a lockbox, use remote access technology, etc.).

To ease this transition for hosts with more than one car listed, you can multi-save each new delivery location to all of your listings.

The nuts, bolts, and other updates

In addition to these exciting new delivery options, here’s a reminder of our delivery policies and a couple other updates to the delivery experience that we’re rolling out along with the new location options.


While we know it can be logistically challenging to deliver your car without a way to get home, asking your guest to give you a ride home has proven to be less than delightful — and occasionally downright awkward — for guests.

Asking for a ride home has had a significantly detrimental impact on five-star trip ratings, so moving forward, we ask that you find your own way home to spare your guest that awkward experience.


Though not a frequent occurrence, hosts should never mislead or falsify their delivery information in their listings. For instance, guests shouldn’t be required to pay for parking to be able to access the car, and they should know where and how to pick it up prior to the trip start. Use the “Additional instructions” field to set clear expectations with your guests so everything is crystal clear from the get-go. Think about your guest’s experience, and treat them just as you would want and expect to be treated in their situation.


As a reminder, each delivery fee includes both dropping off and retrieving your car from each delivery location you set — they’re never treated à la carte. So if you offer to deliver your car, you’re also offering to pick it up at the end of the trip. Keep this in mind as you select your delivery locations and set fees.

Update your settings soon

Don’t forget! The transition period for these fresh new delivery options ends on Thursday, June 6, 2019. If you do not update your delivery settings before then, you’ll be unlisted at all locations at which you currently offer delivery.

Update your delivery settings to benefit from these fresh delivery options that will bring a new level of convenience to guests, and generate even more bookings for you and your cars.

As always, thank you for your cooperation and support as we make this upgrade to the delivery experience!