posted on September 9th, 2016

Labor Day weekend is a perennial travel favorite, but where do people go? I dove into our booking and search data this week to see which cities were the most popular last weekend, where folks from different cities tend to travel, and how people from different regions plan their travel. Read on to see if you fit into our travelers’ patterns — the results may surprise you!

Which destinations are more popular than usual?

The most searched destinations for the Labor Day holiday were in California, New York, Florida, and Texas, but Seattle, Portland, Scottsdale, Kansas City, and Toronto were particularly more popular than usual.

Which destinations are less popular than usual?

Surprisingly, some usual leaders of the popularity pack weren’t as popular this time around. San FranciscoNorth HollywoodChicagoMiami, and New York City all saw dips in searches and bookings, so perhaps travelers are looking to less trodden destinations for their Labor Day getaways.


Who’s going where?

Looking deeper into our data, we gleaned some interesting insights into localized travel patterns.

  • Texans want to go to Denver or Los Angeles
  • New Yorkers are either planning a local road trip or flying to Miami or Los Angeles
  • Californians want to see the sunny skies of Seattle, Las Vegas, or Hawaii
  • Chicagoans are journeying westward to California and Denver
  • Seattleites are southward bound to California
  • Virginia & Maryland travelers are making the short haul to DC
  • Atlanta travelers are popping down to Florida for the weekend
  • Denver residents are going down to sea level in California


Who’s a planner, and who’s… not

Travelers plan ahead when they’re going to HonoluluOrlandoLas VegasOttawa, and Seattle, but when folks head to El PasoTorontoHartford, CTAlberta, and Tucson, it’s a more last-minute trip.


  • Arkansas
  • Idaho
  • Delaware
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky


  • San Francisco
  • Virginia
  • Mississppi
  • Kansas
  • Connecticut


Who’s jetsetting and who’s staying local

Two thirds of travelers flew somewhere for the holiday weekend, while one third did a local road-trip. Local travelers come from:

  • New York
  • Seattle
  • Miami
  • Denver
  • Los Angeles

And there you have it! Travelers from all around hit the road when there’s a long weekend on the horizon, and people in certain cities and regions share similar travel habits. Summer may be officially over, but the fall is ripe for more weekend jaunt opportunities, both near and far.

Claire is a data scientist at Turo and is always up for a road trip. She's always curious to experiment with new cars but her heart belongs to the classics.