posted on July 6, 2016

A few months back our analytics team dug into the data around which cars on Turo perform best in which cities — find that info here. We’re back with a follow-up on popular cars in more cities where your trusty Turo community can be found. While it’s important to reiterate that owner responsiveness and a top-notch listing can heavily influence a car’s performance, if you’re looking to grow your Turo business, it’s worth tracking these trends.


Most in-demand cars by city


Recommendation: High performance cars. Travelers in Austin want cars that take the city streets with grace and purr on the highway, like Leon’s Tesla Model S and Alexander’s Mazda Miata.


Recommendation: Small city cars. Everyday compact & subcompact cars, like Monica’s Toyota Corolla and Erika’s Smart Fortwo, are easier to park, lighter on the gas, and in high demand in Baltimore.  


Recommendation: Midsize city cars for the “Everyday driver.” The travelers to  Cleveland are looking for cars like Imre’s Honda Fit and Jesse’s Toyota Prius, which comfortably carry groups and families.

Las Vegas

Recommendation: Luxury & elite models, like Ben’s Tesla Model S or Edmund’s Lexus RC 350 and Porsche 911, are all the rage for a full, glitzy Las Vegas experience.


Recommendation: The classy sedan is a must for travelers in Minneapolis. Cars like Eyo’s Cadillac ATS and Denny’s Mercedes CLA-Class, cut a sleek figure and leave space for some friends.


Recommendation: Luxury sports cars or roadsters, like Brandon’s BMW M3 or Thomas’ Porsche Boxster, serve the glamorous Nashville treatment.

New Orleans

Recommendation: Upscale full-size & upscale midsize cars, like Barry’s BMW 5 Series or Melissa’s Lexus IS 250, offer the room to glide through New Orleans in style.


Recommendation: Compact sport, also known as the GTI. Oakland travelers want a zippy ride that also fits their gear, like Lucian’s Volkswagen GTI and Kristina’s Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid.


Recommendation: Crossover & small SUVs. Portland travelers are getting around town and out to explore Oregon’s waterfalls in vehicles like Alissa’s Honda CR-V or Jesse’s Suzuki SX4.

Salt Lake City

Recommendation: Full-size SUVs & full-size pickups. Travis’s Nissan Armada, Esgardo’s Chevrolet Traverse, and Stephanie’s Nissan Titan are rugged and roomy enough to get a group around state parks.


Recommendation: Roomy SUVs & large beasts, like Adam’s Chevrolet Tahoe and Nick’s Hummer H3, tempt Turo members — and their entourage — to discover the Tampa area.

It’s not just the car that makes these listings popular. It can never hurt to get free professional photos taken and to treat travelers like family.

Claire is a data scientist at Turo and is always up for a road trip. She's always curious to experiment with new cars but her heart belongs to the classics.