posted on January 19th, 2016

It’s no real secret — the more travelers that stumble across your listing, the more trips you’ll book, and the more money you’ll make. But how do you get those travelers to your listing?

One surefire way to get more traffic is to let us do the heavy lifting for you. Every month, we feature community members just like you and their stories on our blog.

Recently, we showcased several owner stories, from a batmobile-style Lamborghini in Colorado to a campervan in San Francisco that’s circumnavigated the US and a vintage Fiat in Maryland named Gioia, and we’d love to hear more. Whether you have a super exotic supercar in Miami or a super-sweet Corolla in Nashville, we love all makes, models, locations, and backstories, so let us know about yours.

Simply contact us about having your car featured, and we’ll work with you to get some great PR for your car. It also doesn’t hurt to capture your car’s best angles, so make sure you’ve checked out our free professional photography program.

In addition to being featured on our blog, you could also be featured in other press initiatives. We frequently work with elite, far-reaching media outlets like Yahoo! Finance, the Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times for promotional features for Turo.

During the week, Steve is head of community and communications at Turo. During the weekend, he's a travel and outdoor enthusiast without a car. All of his US adventures are fueled by Turo.