posted on June 30th, 2017


Fourth of July is prime time in America to hit the road and indulge in some properly summery pastimes. Backyard barbecues, pool parties, beach bonfires, leisurely long weekend road trips — nothing more quintessentially embodies the summer spirit than Fourth of July weekend.

Curious to see where travelers are going, what they’re driving, and where they’re traveling from, we took a dive into last year’s data to see which marketplace trends made the Fourth so special.

Good day, LA

Everyone’s go-to, Los Angeles was the most sought-after destination last Fourth of July weekend, clocking the most trips in the Turo US market. Close on its heels, however, were the perennially popular San Francisco, Honolulu, Denver, and Miami, all seeing record-breaking trip numbers around the Fourth of July.

Patriotically popular makes by city

And what do people rent for their Fourth of July road trips? Each destination has its own unique offering, and thus its own unique car trends. In LA, for instance, the most popular make-model for the Fourth of July last year was the swishy BMW 3 Series — by a significant margin — with the practical Toyota Prius as the LA county runner up. In tech-forward San Francisco, the Tesla Model S was last year’s most-rented model for the Fourth of July, followed by the BMW 3 Series.

Honolulu showed a trend toward group or family vacations with the Toyota Sienna taking the trendiest award for Fourth of July, while rustic Denver travelers flocked to the hearty Jeep Wrangler to help them tackle the Rockies. And in see-and-be-seen Miami, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class was flying off the proverbial shelves last year.

Who’s coming from where?

Of our top five destinations, it looks like, for domestic travelers, the Northeast has the biggest travel bug come summertime — the largest percentages of travelers to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, and Miami all came from the Northeastern US, indicating that perhaps they’re seeking a reprieve from that sticky New England summer swelter. Unsurprisingly, proximity wins the day for Honolulu, with most travelers to the Aloha state coming from the west coast.

Internationally, foreign travelers are flocking from all around the world to our most popular US destinations. The largest portion of international travelers coming to Los Angeles hail from Australia, a long hop and a pretty huge skip down and across the Pacific. Interestingly, most international travelers to San Francisco come from Switzerland, while international travelers to both Denver and Honolulu are coming from Canada, our neighbor to the north. A magnet for international travelers of all provenances, Miami saw the most international traffic come from Russia.

Happy Fourth!

And there you have it — Turo travel trends from coast to coast for one of the trendiest travel days of the year. We hope you enjoy your barbecues, pool parties, beach bonfires, and long, leisurely road trips, and cheers to a safe and fun Fourth of July!

Megan is the copywriter and content tsarina at Turo. She lives to wander near and far, never met a beach (or dog) she didn’t like, and loves to talk postmodern lit and theory to anyone who’ll listen.