posted on May 24th, 2017


Summer’s heating up, are you ready?

The busy summer season is upon us! Gear up for the high season spike with these handy tips and pave the way for a red-hot, revenue-generating summer.

Update your calendar often

Keep your calendar up to date and fresh so you only get trips that work for you and your schedule. Updating your calendar often will also help you keep your approval rate high, which will make your profile even more appealing to guests.

Set your vacation dates

Out of town on vacation and want to earn while you’re away? Simply go to your owner settings, tweak your unavailable dates, and only get requests for trips that start before you leave and end after you’re back. You can also just block your calendar for your vacation dates, and continue to field requests for when you’re back in town. Or snooze your listing entirely if you’d like to hide it from search results and take a little R & R break.

Benefit from Book Instantly

Is your car readily available? Simply turn on “Book instantly”, keep your calendar up to date, and see more trip requests roll in. Your car will appear when travelers filter for instantly bookable cars, and your listing will become even more attractive to convenience-minded prospective guests.

Turn on Automatic Pricing

Automatic Pricing factors in demand surges, your car’s unique features, and the competitive landscape to maximize your profitability. You can earn more with less manual work,  be extra competitive during peak times, while always staying in control of your minimum daily price, so it never dips too low. Learn more about Automatic Pricing.

Get some nice snaps

Take advantage of our FREE professional photography program, because better pics mean more clicks. Strong, professionally shot photos attract the attention of travelers and boost a listing’s income by as much as 60%. Additionally, going through the photo program increases the likelihood of Turo featuring your car in our marketing, which will inevitably boost your profile and give it some cachet. In the meantime, discover how to make your listing pop with great photos with these five simple tips.

Help us keep your car safe

Some summer events are fun for your guests, but not so much for your car. Don’t rent to parents who may be letting their underage kids drive it to prom (all drivers of cars rented on Turo must be at least 21 years old and approved by Turo), or to Burning Man-goers whose Playa dust may clog up your engine. No offroading is allowed with cars rented on Turo, so simply be mindful of your guests’ plans. If you have concerns that your guest’s trip may violate our policies, contact Customer Support before handing over your keys.

Cheers to a booming start to summer!

Megan is the copywriter and content tsarina at Turo. She lives to wander near and far, never met a beach (or dog) she didn’t like, and loves to talk postmodern lit and theory to anyone who’ll listen.