posted on December 28th, 2016

With thousands of cars listed on Turo, our “Favorite” feature allows travelers planning their next adventure to share and save their wish list of stellar cars. We’re thrilled to unveil our inaugural list of the most favorited cars of the year, from Jags to G-Wagens.

These dreamy rides may live on cloud nine, but their listings also offer some grounded, practical insights for our community of car owners that we’ve shared below.

10. Ryan’s Alfa Romeo 4C

Ryan’s Alfa garnered the tenth-most favorites of the year, the latest of which came from a recent Travelogue featuring the car. In addition to stunning photography and an established reputation, Ryan’s description packs in all the details of what makes the car unique, and conveys the operational nuances potential renters want to know in advance. Our data science team has found that a description of over 400 characters increased the likelihood of a trip request on a newly listed car by 8%.

Monrovia, CA

9. Alexander’s Jaguar F-Type  

Upgrades on upgrades on upgrades! Alexander’s F-Type delights his guests with all the bells and whistles, including custom rims. Pair this with a speedy response time and great service — it’s no wonder travelers frequently favorite this gem. Owners can also highlight their car’s features in the “Details” section of their car page.

Los Angeles, CA


8. Mikhail’s Chevrolet Camaro

Hundreds of travelers pictured themselves cruising beachside with Mikhail’s Camaro. Mikhail sets his listing apart from the pack with competitive pricing and offering potential guests great discounts like 15% off and free curbside delivery for trips longer than a week.

Aventura, FL

7. Amir’s Chevrolet Corvette

Amir’s Corvette was our seventh-most favorited car this year by those looking to ride in style in the LA area. In addition to turning heads with its suave, sparkling style, Amir lets his car be book instantly for a seamless rental experience (enable “Book instantly” in your “Trip preferences” settings).

Los Angeles, CA

6. Cion’s Mercedes-Benz GLA Class

Adding a pop of color to this list is Cion’s shiny red GLA. Cion makes this listing pop by also offering curbside delivery to nearby locations of his guests’ choice, including the local airport.  

City of Orange, NJ

5. Hector’s Mercedes-Benz G-Class

A flashy G-Wagen is eye-catching all on its own, but when it’s priced as well as Hector’s, it racks up the favorites. Using our Automatic Pricing feature, his car is priced using an algorithm that automatically optimizes the daily price based on demand in the area.

Miami, FL

4. Gagik’s Maserati Ghibli

Is it really any wonder that a Maserati would be on most people’s Favorites list? Gagik distinguished his Ghibli from the hundreds available on Turo with a response time of just 15 minutes, and by offering unlimited mileage to his guests. His is the most gentlemanly Maserati.

Los Angeles, CA

3. Brandon’s Porsche Panamera

The 4-door, fastback bodystyle on the Panamera has a broad appeal. It’s ideal for longer duration trips and that’s just what Brandon’s availability settings offer. Because he accepts any trip over a day (adjusted in his car’s “Trip preferences”), the car gets included in more searches and has landed on the Favorites list of hundreds of travelers so far this year.

Miami, FL

2. Mary Ann’s BMW M3

When it comes to speedy, fun, and reliable, Mary Ann and her M3 have a well established reputation on the marketplace. They have nearly 200 reviews and a solid five-star rating. Owners with five-star reviews get rented over five times more frequently than those with four stars and earn 25% more. Her M3 has received 65 reviews, more than any of the cars she has listed, and has been favorited the second-most of any car in the marketplace this year.

Los Angeles, CA

1. Jason’s Alfa Romeo 4C

Jason’s Alfa tops this year’s most-favorited list. Jason has used a lot of the tools shared in this year’s roundup, including being profiled here on the blog, but perhaps most striking aspect of the listing are his exquisite photographs. High quality photos not only demonstrate the finer elements of the car, but show travelers what they can expect, and even spark the imagination. Owners that have taken advantage of our free professional photography program see up to 50% more traffic from travelers.                  

Jersey City, NJ

You can also check out some sweet whips topping some Turo employees’ favorites list in our Turo Staff Picks hotlist.

Chris is the Community Manager at Turo. He’s a proud father to three rescue dogs and has become immune to jet lag in all his travels (or maybe it’s just the coffee).