posted on August 8, 2019

Optimize your availability with these fresh insights

When guests decide which car to book on Turo, convenience is king. One of the simplest ways to make your listing competitive is to open up your availability — while options like Turo Go integration, custom delivery hotspots, and Extras help sweeten the pot, guests primarily choose cars based on what fits their schedule and price point.

To help you optimize your availability, our analytics team took a deep dive into the data and fished out the exact dates, times, and filters that guests use to plan their trips. Update your settings using these fresh, actionable insights and your business will be booming in no time.

1. Let guests book on short notice

Guests appreciate flexibility — more than half (58%) of all trips get booked less than two days before the start time. To benefit from this booking trend, reduce your advance notice as much as possible — even as short as one hour lead time — and let your guests enjoy trips on-demand.

2. Open up your schedule during the weekend

Who doesn’t love a good weekend getaway? 40% of all trips begin on Friday or Saturday, which are nearly twice as busy as most weekdays. Don’t forget to update your calendar often, and make sure that your car is fully available on weekends and holidays to capitalize on these surges in demand.

3. Extend your pick-up and return hours

Guests prefer to pick up cars before 10 am. While the default pick-up and return hours are 7 am to 10 pm, consider extending them to 6 am to midnight to give your guests as much flexibility as possible.

4. Allow short duration trips

Nearly half (42%) of all trips are two days or fewer, so set your minimum trip duration to “Any” to capture more bookings. Remember that short trips can add up to big earnings in the long run.

5. Provide competitively priced Extras

Think about offering at least three Extras on your vehicle. Not only do they attract guests, but they also net you a substantial cash bonus — you pocket 90% of what your guest pays. 

Post trip cleaning, unlimited mileage, and prepaid refuel are by far the most-purchased Extras. Again, convenience brings in a pretty penny: these three options collect a cool $21, $59, and $43 per trip, on average. Check our website to learn how to optimize your Extras, including how to make the most of the per-day and per-trip pricing options.

6. Offer low-cost delivery, especially for long trips

More than half of all trips with delivery offer it for free, and guests are only willing to pay $40 or more 26% of the time. Free delivery also makes longer trips much more attractive to guests: 66% of trips longer than seven days included delivery for free!