posted on April 25, 2018

It’s no surprise that electric vehicles are taking the country by storm. Not only do electric vehicles significantly reduce tailpipe and greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional vehicles, but they can also be more convenient to own and drive. This is especially true for battery electric vehicles (BEVs), which typically require less maintenance than their gas-powered counterparts thanks to electric motors, which have fewer moving parts and fluids to monitor, compared to internal combustion engines. Brake wear on EVs is also greatly reduced because of regenerative braking, which enables the car to recover energy that would otherwise be lost as heat. And who isn’t thrilled by the prospect of never making a trip to a gas station again?

But making the leap to a fully electric life can be daunting — finding charging stations, navigating range anxiety, decoding charging standards, and forming new habits can be complex. And despite state and federal tax credits for electric vehicles, their price tags can still be hefty, compared to conventional vehicles.

Esther’s 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV (Portland, OR)

At Turo, we’re thrilled to be catalyzing a thriving intersection between two major forces that are changing the landscape of personal mobility: vehicle electrification and sharing. Sharing and EVs go hand in hand. For Turo hosts, sharing their EVs helps offset the cost of car ownership and empowers them to share their journey with going electric. For guests, there’s no better place to experience an EV, for everything from city trips, to weekend getaways, to ‘extended test drives’ — using Turo to experience life with an EV before buying.

Affording your dream electric vehicle

Our community of trusted Turo hosts has pioneered access to electric vehicles across the country. For hosts, sharing their cars helps offset the cost of ownership (often by sharing just a few days a month), while spreading their passion and enthusiasm for EVs. For example, a 2016 Turo study showed that hosts renting out a Tesla Model S just 6.9 days per month can fully cover their monthly car payment. “I really, really wanted a Tesla, but I really, really couldn’t afford it,” recalled Turo host Joseph E. in Maryland. “But then I thought I could use Turo to offset the cost of ownership,” so he fulfilled his electric dreams and bought the Tesla. Joe now has three fully electric vehicles (all Teslas!), all listed on Turo.

We’re proud to report that our host community nationwide shares Joe’s enthusiasm, with over 2000 battery electric vehicles listed on Turo across the United States.


Experiencing electric

Many guests use Turo to experience life with an electric vehicle before taking the plunge, pioneering the ‘extended test drive’. Renting an EV on Turo is the perfect way to learn more about the nuances of EVs, try a variety of EV models before buying, or simply to meet other EV enthusiasts and share stories about the electric life. “So many options to rent, especially electric cars I was considering buying,” Turo guest Chris B. reflected, sharing his EV exploration journey with us in a recent review.

Many Turo customers have picked up on the incredible benefits of electric vehicles from environmental, to driving experience, to pure economics. Turo guest Timothy O. sums it up best: “Supporting sharing/local economies is more appealing than supporting massive conglomerates. Also, none of the big rental car companies offer all electric cars. Being able to rent cars like the Tesla Model S and Model X really sets Turo apart from other rental car platforms. Not only is Turo helping the environment by allowing Tesla rentals but they’re also helping the consumer because most Teslas currently come with free Supercharging on Tesla’s expansive worldwide charging network. So, renting a Tesla is more affordable than a regular car and refueling is free!”

Countless Turo customers across the nation agree, but don’t just take their word for it. This month, in celebration of Earth Day, get electric with one of these supercharged EVs on Turo:

Micah’s 2017 Nissan Leaf (Denver, CO)
Nani’s 2016 Volkswagen e-Golf (Albany, CA)
Jim’s 2016 Kia Soul EV (Seattle, WA)
David’s 2017 BMW i3 (Los Angeles, CA)
Jason’s 2018 Tesla Model 3 (Redwood City, CA)

And once you’ve found the perfect ride, check out Turo’s 2018 hybrid and electric vehicle buying guide to demystify everything you’ve ever wanted to know about going electric.


Michelle Kosterich is the Senior UX Researcher and Praveen Subramani is Principal Product Manager at Turo. They're passionate about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting sustainability through car sharing, and adorable pets.