posted on May 23rd, 2018

Memorial Day weekend is not just the unofficial start of summer, but also the official start of the summer travel high season. People love to get out of town as the weather warms — whether locally, cross-country, or across the ocean. Curious to know who’s going where for the long weekend, our Analytics team recently took a look at travel patterns in the US on Memorial Day weekend. Here’s what we found.

Los Angeles is the go-to Memorial Day destination

Who doesn’t want to hang in LA for a long weekend? The beaches, the movie stars, and the coolest collection of cars on the Turo marketplace make for a perfect weekend getaway. But across the country, the warmer weather makes a road trip all the more appealing. Here are the top 10 most-traveled Memorial Day destinations on Turo.

A deep dive into the LA Memorial Day market

By and large, trips taken in and around LA are booked by local travelers — likely locals who are escaping to the surrounding parks, beaches, and outdoor areas to relax into the summer weather and get a good dose of vitamin D. After local LA-based travelers, guests from the northern New Jersey and San Francisco most frequently head to LA to soak up the long weekend warmth.

The most-booked makes in LA for Memorial Day weekend run the gamut between practical and luxurious — Toyota and BMW take the top spot, but the Jeep Wrangler is the most booked model, followed closely by the Toyota Prius.

Memorial Day all-stars

Curious which cars are the most popular in your city? Jeeps are the belle of the ball in Denver, while Toyotas consistently top the charts in many markets. Check out the hottest cars as the weather heats up in these top markets across the country.