posted on June 1st, 2016

Take advantage of the extra room in your garage when your car’s away on rental — your dream space could be right in your own home. What you do with your vacant garage is limited only by your imagination, but we’ve put together a few suggestions that you can create with just a few tweaks.

Band practice

The term garageband didn’t come from nowhere. While there might not be room to store big instruments when your car’s at home, when it’s out, the garage can transform into the perfect jam space. Let your (or your kids) musical inspiration flow freely just by hooking up a mic and bringing out the instruments.

Garage 2

Yoga studio or home gym

Eliminate the excuse of not having time to make it to the gym by putting one in your house. Whether your preferences lean towards weight-lifting or yoga, you can make your garage a space to sweat when your car’s out on the town. Equipment that’s easy to store and also leaves room for a personal workout space, includes free weights, yoga mats, exercise ball, stretch bands, and jump ropes.

Photography studio

Whether you want to set up a backdrop and lighting to take portraits or just use your empty garage as a quiet space to edit photos, it doesn’t take too much to convert it into a studio for shooting, developing, or experimenting with photos. Equipment can be shelved when your car’s in the garage and set back up when it’s away.

Garage 5

Game room

Your game room can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be — keep board games in drawers or shelves and get a cozy rug to unroll when the time’s right. Invest in a foldable ping pong table or hang dart boards to pump up the competition. A mini fridge for easy snack access is the finishing touch.

Play space

If you have little ones in the house, you can create a safe play space to keep those toddler messes centralized outside of the main home zones. Create boundaries with baby gates, lay down rubber matting or a comfy carpet that can easily roll up, and pull out the toy bins to customize the space for your kids’ ages.

Crafting area

Whether your interests tend towards model airplanes or sewing, your empty garage can be the perfect place to pursue passion projects. Sewing machines and crafting supplies can easily be stowed away while the car is parked and arrange on a foldable desk or table when the space is free. Tools for all manner of other crafts can also hang on pegboards so a workbench may take center stage when the garage is vacated.

Garage 7

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