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by Shannen Bremner

posted on March 14, 2016


Chances are, by now, if you have your car listed on Turo, you’ve heard about Turo’s free professional photography program. If you haven’t yet, you should, right now.

Back? Okay, so now that we are all caught up… the gist is, when your vehicle looks better on the site, travelers will be more inspired to rent it. It’s that simple.

But what if the photography program isn’t offered in your area yet? How can you improve your listing’s look while waiting for your shoot?

We understand that you want to boost your earnings as soon as possible, so we’ve checked in with our own in-house photography expert, Alex, to get some tips to help all those in-betweeners make their listing sparkle in the meantime.

Tip #1: Take clear photos of your car

PhotoBlog1 Clear

You want the photos of your car to be clear and crisp. Blurriness is rough on the eyes and looks unprofessional. Stick to something with clean edges that outlines the beautiful vehicle you have to offer.

Tip #2: Orient your vehicle naturally

PhotoBlog2A Orientation

Think angles. Strange angles are unsettling and don’t accurately depict your car’s shape and appeal. Instead, make sure that your vehicle is shot from the front and side, and the lines of the vehicle’s edges are parallel to the edges of the photograph.

PhotoBlog2B Orientation

Tip #3: Don’t crop parts of your vehicle out of the picture

PhotoBlog3 Crop

I cannot stress enough how incredibly important it is for the entire vehicle to be in the shot. Partial photos of the vehicle leave room for deception. You know your car looks great as a whole, so show that to your guest as well.

Tip #4: Make sure the lighting enhances — and doesn’t detract — from your car

PhotoBlog4 Lighting

Pictures taken at night, or even using a harsh flash, can wash out your vehicle, distorting its true charm. Don’t fall victim to unflattering lighting. Make sure that your vehicle is photographed during the day, where the lighting doesn’t overpower your car’s color and allure.

Tip #5: Don’t use a stock photo, ever

PhotoBlog5 Stock

Let’s face it. This isn’t your car. It may look an awful lot like your car, maybe even exactly like your car. But you don’t own this car. This car is a model version of your car, a fib. If you want your car looking as pristine and professional as this stock photo, sign up for our photography program, and we can help you with that. If not, refer to the above-mentioned tips to make your very own vehicle appear almost as perfect.

PhotoBlog5 Examples

And there you have it, some easy ways to make your car more appealing to travelers as they browse through your city looking for their next adventure. We, of course, recommend that all owners take advantage of our free professional photography program, but in the meantime, now you have the power to take some strong shots of your own.

Go out there, catch their eyes, make money, create adventures.

PhotoBlog6 Final Hero

Shannen Bremner

Shannen Bremner

Shannen works in Customer Support at Turo, but her real passion lies in writing and befriending other people's pets. She is certain that her life would be useless without art, music, poetry, and novels meant for folks half her age.

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