posted on June 29th, 2016

Millennials today find themselves doing the delicate dance between lusting for rich (though perhaps capricious) experiences and living a thrifty (though perhaps less textured) lifestyle. Money can be (and often is) a significant source of stress among the Millennial age set, especially in the age of social media where temptation is everywhere, envy runs rampant, and technology gives instant gratification.

So how do you stay afloat in a world where student debts soar, chasing your dreams can be prohibitively expensive, and stuff in general — from travel to cars — are just downright unaffordable?

Always on the lookout for sage financial advice myself, we combed the internet for the most insightful and helpful personal finance journalists to help you navigate today’s ever-changing financial landscape.

Megan Friedman

Megan provides twentysomethings with the kind of “I wish had known that when…” information that, well, I wish I had known when I was in my early 20s. From investing in the stock market to buying a used car instead of leasing a flashy new one, she reveals poignant insights that any young person can benefit from, including 7 things twentysomethings should never do with their money.

Anna Davies

A wanderluster-cum-pragmatist (in the best sense of the word), Anna Davies brings our reveries of far-off lands down to earth by reminding us that exhilarating as exploring and devouring the world may be, “passport stamps aren’t the path to enlightenment”. She advocates for mindful spending (juxtaposed with her own quarter-century cautionary tale) without stifling your sense of adventure, reporting on careers, finance, and motherhood with no-nonsense candor.

Farnoosh Torabi

Marketing herself as an outlet for “effective, fun, and even digestible financial advice” for young professionals, Farnoosh has appeared on TV and published a book on female breadwinners in this age of evolving gender roles, When She Makes More. You can catch Farnoosh’s insights on her podcast, on TV, or as a guest journalist for various award-winning media outlets, including Yahoo! Finance, where she’s revealed everything from hidden charges on your bills to how to score discounted designer duds.

Jean Chatzky

Jean Chatzky got her start in money as a “journalist who dug into the topic of money to get [her] own money in order as well as to earn a paycheck”. Cracking into the financial segment with a non-financial background, she makes personal finance approachable and down-to-earth. She hosts a popular podcast, Her Money, has authored several books shedding light on how to manage money effectively, and is currently the financial editor for The Today Show.

Suze Orman

Perhaps the most broadly known name on this list, Suze Orman of CNBC fame provides in-depth financial education in multiple, high-visibility media outlets. Called “a force in the world of personal finance” and a “one-woman financial advice powerhouse” by USA Today, she helps everyone — young, old, dude, dudette — demystify and decode their finances with smart and savvy tactics for better money wrangling.

Casey Bond

An experienced personal finance blogger, Casey Bond has contributed to an impressive roster of media outlets (including The Huffington Post, Business Insider, and Forbes) and is the editor of Student Loan Hero and GoBankingRates. She digs into the meat of practical finance, delving into why millennials don’t trust financial planners, how to choose between a tax refund and your paycheck, and how Hillary’s new proposal could impact entrepreneurs.

Mandi Woodruff

A blogger for Yahoo! Finance, Mandi’s shared the five best investments she made in her 20s, the one time it’s OK not to pay off a debt, and even why Robin Wright and Jennifer Lawrence shouldn’t be the heroines of the equal pay debate. She covers a broad array of financially relevant topics, but with a shrewd social angle that gives a unique perspective and texture to dry money topics.

Personal finance is one of those “do we haaave to?” topics that everyone needs to deal with in some way or another. These savvy female financial figureheads are not just witty wealths of information, but also reminders that a little concentration and creativity can pay off in spades when it comes to your own bottom line.

Megan is the copywriter and content tsarina at Turo. She lives to wander near and far, never met a beach (or dog) she didn’t like, and loves to talk postmodern lit and theory to anyone who’ll listen.