posted on April 21st, 2017

Who, what, where is greenest?

Happy Earth Day! To celebrate Mother Nature and our great big planet, we decided to take a look into our marketplace to see how the cultural groundswell behind hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) is impacting our marketplace’s inventory.

When looking at the overall US market, less than one percent of vehicle sales are “green” (meaning they fit our criteria of being either a hybrid or fully electric plugin), but EV sales nonetheless shot up 60% last year, while the price of their batteries dropped 35%, according to Bloomberg. Indicating, as Road and Track surmises, that consumers are more interested than ever in the “green” car market, even despite falling gas prices. Last year, Americans reportedly bought their four millionth hybrid car, after passing the three-million mark in 2013.

With green momentum gaining speed, McKinsey forecasts that “by 2030, the share of electrified vehicles could range from 10 to 50% of new vehicles with higher adoption in developed, dense cities with strict emission regulations and consumer incentives.” High profile brands like Tesla, Toyota, and other OEMs are really throwing their weight behind eco-friendly options, so these utilization rates should only go up from here.

The greenness of Turo’s marketplace, however, is trending higher than national averages. Here are some headlining stats.

Where: Green hotspots across the US

Currently, of all of cars listed in the marketplace, 8.2% are green

Not terribly surprisingly, California is Turo’s greenest market — 43% of our green vehicles live in either the greater Los Angeles area or the San Francisco Bay Area

Similarly, California dominates the green category by individual market share:

  • 15% of our vehicles in San Francisco and San Diego area are green
  • 13% of vehicles in our LA market area are green
  • Close on California’s heels are these eco-minded metropolises:
    • Austin, TX: 14%
    • Portland, OR: 13%
    • Seattle, WA: 12%

What: Make/model diversity

Of that 8.2% of our total cars for rent, 38 makes and 220 make-model combinations are represented

The green champion of the people, the Toyota Prius is our #1 green make-model, accounting for 35% of our green supply

Coming in second is the Tesla Model S, making up 16% of our green vehicles.

Who: Turo’s greenest hosts

Roger B. out of Cape Coral, FL boasts an all-green fleet

Joseph E. out of Takoma Park, MD, is a Tesla superfan who has reflected: “Electric cars are just the way cars were meant to be — quiet, smooth.”

Turo + Tesla: A love story

The first Tesla appeared on the Turo marketplace back in 2014, and Tesla listings have grown 4.25x in 2016 compared to 2015.

Tesla Model S

Nigel’s Model S (Carmel Valley, CA)
Regi’s Model S (Las Vegas, NV)
Larry’s Model S (Jersey City, NJ)
Brian’s Model S (Wheeling, IL)
Daniel’s Model S (Largo, FL)
Ryan’s Model S (Toronto, ON)

Tesla Model X

Paul’s Model X (Downers Grove, IL)
Leon’s Model X (Austin, TX)
Michael’s Model X (Westborough, MA)
Sandeep’s Model X (San Diego, CA)

Toyota Prius

Zoeb’s Prius (Fremont, CA)
Elias’s Prius (Capitol Heights, MD)
Eric’s Prius (Gardena, CA)
Ayako’s Prius (San Francisco, CA)

Chevy Volt

Luciano’s Volt (Los Angeles, CA)
Rahul’s Volt (Decatur, GA)
Claudio’s Volt (Glendora, CA)

Fiat 500e

William’s 500e (San Francisco, CA)
Yonah’s 500e (Los Angeles, CA)
Zoeb’s 500e (Danville, CA)

BMW i8

Nathanael’s i8 (Miami, FL)
Scott’s i8 (Irvine, CA)
Victor’s i8 (Washington, DC)

BMW i3

Nikita’s i3 (Los Angeles, CA)
Elmer’s i3 (Brea, CA)
Victorino’s i3 (San Diego, CA)

Nissan Leaf

Nathan’s Leaf (Vancouver, WA)
Luciano’s Leaf (Los Angeles, CA)
Ashley’s Leaf (Atlanta, GA)

Megan is the copywriter and content tsarina at Turo. She lives to wander near and far, never met a beach (or dog) she didn’t like, and loves to talk postmodern lit and theory to anyone who’ll listen.