posted on June 15th, 2015

The average active owner on Turo made over $400 per month to start 2015, but some superstars have found the tricks to make even more with their car. If you’re looking at renting out your car for extra income, or you’re looking for ways to optimize your listing to make as much as possible, check out these insights from the Turo data team.

Convertibles are in demand

Which type of car gets the most searches on Turo? Convertibles.

When travelers are searching for the perfect vehicle for their next adventure, the single most common feature filter selected is convertible. There is less demand in cold climates and winter months, but if you’re looking to choose your next car based on how much it can earn on Turo and live in a warm climate, a convertible is a likely winner.

Who wouldn’t want to cruise around Atlanta in Kalin’s Mazda MX-5 Miata? Zoom zoom!

Luxury vehicles perform luxuriously well

When people are traveling to glamorous cities like Los Angeles, Miami, and New York, they don’t want to drive around in an old Pinto; they have high-class tastes. Luxury vehicles outperform other categories consistently.

When you’re touching down for a vacation in Hollywood or Miami Beach, how would you want to get around? I would pick a high-end ride like Kyle’s Audi A4. And according to the data, I’m not alone.

California loves hybrids

Gas prices have been creeping back up, and on the West Coast, Californians have long dealt with some of the highest gas prices in the country. Travelers know about those gas prices too, and the data shows us that California visitors prefer hybrids more than anywhere else in the country.

Californians, if you want to make a smart financial decision when buying your next car, you can do better than just saving on gas. Earn more than the average member by listing your new hybrid on Turo.

Be available for events

Mardi Gras brings over a million visitors to New Orleans each year. Spring break brings tons of revelers to beach towns around the Gulf of Mexico. Those people are coming to party and explore the city, and they need a car to get around.

Turo data shows that whenever there is a large event that draws in a lot of people to any city, the demand for rental cars spikes. Consider making your car available in Vegas for March Madness, or listing an extra set of wheels in San Diego or Los Angeles when it’s time for Coachella. Be ready to profit from the influx of people to your city by making sure your car is available and ready for delivery when tourists arrive.

Peak travel season is peak rental season

Every region has different peak seasons. People want to ski in Colorado in the winter. They want to see the leaves change colors in New England in the fall. They want to head to the Jersey Shore on hot summer days. And no matter where they are, people want to visit family on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Peak season and holidays might not be as convenient for you to drop off your car to a guest, but those are the days you’re most likely to have a traveler pick your car. Be available as often as possible, particularly during the holidays, to maximize your profit no matter what car you own.

Earn hundreds each month

The average Turo member earns over $200 each month renting out their car, and people who follow these tips can make even more. Our data analytics team is always searching for insights to help you earn as much as possible, and we’ll continue to share useful tips as we discover them.

If you’ve been waiting to list your car, there is no better day than today! List your car and start earning hundreds this month.

Jérôme is Director of Data Science and Analytics at Turo. When he’s not working on Turo’s dataset, you might find him catching some wind kitesurfing in the Bay Area.