posted on August 3, 2015

While the average owner makes around $450 per month, there are owners who make $500, $1,000, $6,000 or more each month. Here are some secrets derived from Turo analytics team to help you earn as much as possible from your car.

Earn a 5 star rating

When travelers are browsing the listings, they have many data points to look at to decide on a car. One of the most important is the rating. At the end of each ride, renters are asked to leave feedback and a rating, with a maximum of 5 stars. Prospective guests look at those ratings to help them decide if your car is the right one for them.

5 star-rated cars are rented at a 20% higher rate than 4 star-rated cars. What a difference a star can make.

Dazzle your guests with a little local hospitality: Offer local maps, travel guides, a special playlist, or something as simple as a water bottle and snacks for the drive. They’ll thank you with a 5 star rating. Also, don’t be shy to message them towards the end of their trip to request that they leave a review.

Always respond quickly

If you don’t respond, people can’t book your car. When travelers are browsing cars, they see owner response rates and average response times. While improving your response time will directly effect their experience, improving your public response rating can make you more. A lot more.

Owners with an average response rate over 90% earn 50% more revenue than others. Even if it’s a polite no, always respond to every request. And try to respond right away.

Download the Turo iOS or Android app for easy responding.

Post high quality photos

It may be tempting to just snap a couple of quick pictures with your phone when you’re creating your listing, but think twice about what each image tells owners about your vehicle. We found that listings with high quality photos receive 60% more trip requests on average.

If you plan to take photos yourself, make sure to clean your car, park in a good looking spot, and take inside and outside photos that show of how great your car really is. You only get one first impression with your car, so make it a good one.

Or take advantage of our free professional photography program and make your car sparkle in the search results.

Offer free delivery

Owners that offer free delivery receive 60% more reservations than everyone else. The reasoning makes sense. It’s hugely convenient to get the car they want delivered to you, and free delivery is even better!

If you still want to be compensated for your time and effort, consider raising your daily rate by a small amount instead of charging separately. If you would have charged a $20 delivery fee, think about raising your rate by $7 per day instead. Sometimes you’ll make a little less, and sometimes a little more. But in the long run you’ll see more reservations, and more total income.

Allow your car to be booked instantly

Letting travelers book your car instantly (without your manual approval) can help it climb to the top of the list in search results, so consider adding it to your listing — reach out to to learn more.

Claire is a data scientist at Turo and is always up for a road trip. She's always curious to experiment with new cars but her heart belongs to the classics.