posted on September 28, 2020

Montreal hosts kept their city moving

Montreal is the second largest market for Turo in Canada — and for good reason. There’s no shortage of things to do in this bustling metropolis. This summer, Montrealers have kept themselves entertained with local trips to areas of provincial pride like the Gaspé Peninsula or Côte-de-Beaupré. After the initial slowdown in April, trips have been steadily on the rise as Montrealers turn to Turo not just to get away but to move around.

Summer 2020 at a glance

Turo hosts enjoyed sunny days and even sunnier earnings. Average summer earnings were $806, down only 9 percent from last summer’s average of $882. Not bad considering the circumstances. At first, Montreal hosts feared their car sharing businesses would drastically contract along with the hospitality and tourism sectors. Instead, this summer demonstrated the dynamism of the car sharing market.

For Montreal, this summer was all about keeping things moving. Montrealers continued to enjoy the summer months, if locally and at a distance. Guests also booked cars for an average of three days. Local car owners who recently started on Turo were able to count on these weekend warriors for road trips and adventures to the cottage.

Sturdy and spacious beat flashy and fabulous in terms of bookings

The Turo community loves browsing luxury cars, but they ultimately book more practical vehicles. Montrealers are looking at Audis and Porsches, but they’re selecting Hyundais and Fords. In fact, 42% of trips are booked with compact and subcompact cars, while 23% are booked with SUVs or pickups. While Turo certainly offers a wide range of fabulous and flashy, it’s the sturdy and spacious wheels that won the summer.

The Ford Focus is Montreal’s most popular car

Ford for the win! Our data shows that the Ford Focus is Montreal’s most popular car, beating out last year’s Dodge Grand Caravan. It’s classic, it’s well known, and it gets you from A to B on a budget. It’s not surprising that it came out on top given this year’s trend toward reliable, cost-friendly cars. What was surprising is that no new cars made it to the top of the “taste” list. Montreal knows what it likes and it’s sticking to it.

How hosts can stand out on Turo

How can you increase your bookings? By optimizing your listing. Turo guests routinely use the app’s filters to tailor their searches. The good news is that most guests aren’t looking for upgraded features or fancy finishes. Instead, the key to a successful listing is competitive pricing and immediate availability. When guests are looking for a fancier ride, the features they care about are convertibles, all-wheel drive, or a great speaker system.

Meet some top Turo hosts

Thanks to these all-star Turo veterans, Montrealers are out and about, exploring their beautiful province. 

  1. Emil — This host offers budget-friendly cars and even friendlier customer service. Since joining in August 2017, Emil has hosted a whopping 2,915 trips across a lineup of well priced makes like Kia, Nissan, Ford, Honda, and more. He’s got this hosting thing down pat.
  2. Philippe — One guest called this host’s customer service “first class”. Talk about an endorsement. Philippe’s hosted 103 trips in his Chevrolet Corvette and is a favourite among gearheads who appreciate his enthusiasm for cars.
  3. Andy —  This host recently marked his first year on Turo with 60 trips under his belt and 5 stars all around. Guests frequently comment on his friendly service and quick response time. Happy Turoversary, Andy!
  4. Nicolas —  This seasoned host has hosted 906 trips since 2017. Plus, he offers customer service in English, French, and Spanish. But wait! There’s more! Nicolas offers a firm promise of no cancellations, no surprises, and consistent delivery availability. Translation: This multilingual host is offering A+ service.

The Montreal host community produced diamonds under pressure

It’s been a tough year, but the Montreal host community produced diamonds under pressure. Despite a slight dip, year-over-year earnings did not plummet. Hosts amped up their customer service and turned into a vital service for their community. If this is what Turo Montrealers are capable of while managing a pandemic and virtually zero international tourists, imagine what the next year could bring. Anyone interested in starting their hosting journey can enter confidently in the knowledge that every community needs car sharing services.

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