posted on August 11, 2020

Prospecting for gold in Sin City

Las Vegas is a bright, shining star in the middle of a vast desert. Even in the throes of a global pandemic, the Las Vegas market is thriving for Turo hosts who earn extra cash by sharing their cars with tourists making their pilgrimage to Sin City, as well as local Nevadans looking to get out of town for a few days. 

Though COVID-19 has had (and continues to have) deep, lasting ripple effects on economies near and far, one undeniable trend has emerged — cars are the travel means of choice in these days of physical distancing and limited long-distance travel opportunities. 

Las Vegas at a glance

In Vegas, specifically, the rebound in bookings since COVID hit in March has been particularly exhilarating — and when guests are booking, hosts are earning! Car owners in Vegas earned $1,212 on average in July 2020 — a whopping 43% more than the July national average of $848!

July 2020 Vegas host average earnings:


July 2020 national US average host earnings:


2019 national US average monthly host earnings:


Las Vegas bookings trend in 2020 chart showing steady recovery in bookings since steep downturn in April 2020
July 2020 Las Vegas trends
Average host earnings$1,212
Average trip length2.9 days
Average earnings per trip$178

So as visitors continue to flock to both the bright lights of Vegas and the nearby desert oases for outdoor activities, there is a real opportunity for local car owners to cash in on this societal movement. Check out these latest stats for travel trends and earning opportunities for car owners in the Las Vegas market.

Cars for high rollers & penny slotters

And though Vegas is notorious for attracting high rollers, there’s appetite for cars of all stripes. American standards that offer both zesty muscle cars and budget-friendly like Chevy and Ford garner a lot of interest from travelers, while the perennial taste for luxury that is a hallmark of the Vegas crowd makes luxe vehicles like Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW popular options as well.

Most searched makesMost booked makes

Muscle cars & swishy Teslas are a couple of Vegas sweethearts

Sleek, grumbly muscle cars are a hit in Sin City — perennial classics like the Mustang, Camaro, and Corvette see a lot of action from guests looking to cruise the strip or hit the local driving roads. Adventure mobiles like the forever-favorite Jeep Wrangler and idiosyncratic Polaris Slingshot are excellent options for desert adventuring, while the Tesla Model S and Model 3 are also jockeying for position with the luxury crowd.

Most booked car modelsMost searched car models
Ford MustangMercedes C-Class
Polaris SlingshotTesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3Ford Mustang
Jeep WranglerChevrolet Camaro
Chevrolet Corvette Tesla Model S

A mix of aspirational luxury and pragmatic practicality

Guests booking in Las Vegas are both searching for and booking luxury sport cars, though sensible compact options remain relevant as well as family-friendly midsize and fullsize options. So whatever car you happen to have in your garage — whether it’s a zippy sports car or a daily driver — there’s a good chance you could earn some extra cash by sharing it on Turo.

Most searched car categoriesMost booked car categories
Luxury SportLuxury Sport
Upscale MidsizeFullsize Sport

A golden opportunity for car owners

In these volatile economic times, sharing your car is an excellent way to generate some extra cash by leveraging your existing investment. Instead of letting your car depreciate in your driveway, put it to better use by sharing it — you could earn enough to completely offset the cost of ownership, and even turn a profit.

List your car today to start earning.

* This figure reflects the average monthly earnings in 2019 for listings with at least 12 completed trips and at least average quality metrics