posted on February 19th, 2016

Brad is a guest blogger from eBay Motors, a one-stop shop for car enthusiasts getting under the hoods of their prized possessions.

From its inception in 1995, eBay has been a powerful tool for people who have a passion for collecting and owning all kinds of stuff — including the world’s coolest, fastest, and most unique automobiles.

Its mammoth online marketplace means that every imaginable automotive obsession, from collectors who own a Ford Model T to high-tech early adopters who drive the all-electric Tesla Model S, can find the widest imaginable selection of parts and accessories. That one-two punch — online marketplaces and a love for cars — takes on a whole new meaning now that eBay and Turo are teaming up.

We over at eBay Motors are stoked to hear about how Turo lets enthusiasts share their cars with each other, using the power of online marketplaces to build a community of car lovers. That’s similar to the mission of eBay Motors, the world’s biggest automotive marketplace, where drivers, sellers, and suppliers gather online to buy and sell every imaginable car part and accessory.

Gearheads also frequent the eBay Motors blog to read up on how builders, modders, and tuners are making their cars look cooler, run faster, and give fuller expression to their unique personality. eBay Motors readers don’t just drive from Point A to Point B; they go on adventures.

Turo users know all about how the nature of car ownership is changing in the shared economy. In past generations, lovers of classic American hot rods, European exotics, and other radical rides kept their prized four-wheel possessions stowed away all week, counting the days until they could spend a few hours cruising down country roads, racing on the track, or showing off their mean machine at a local event.

Turo creates more opportunities for great cars to be shared and enjoyed.

The money you earn from renting out your car can fuel the upkeep and enhancement of your ride — whether it’s last year’s model or a one-of-a-kind classic — and many of the parts and accessories found on eBay Motors simply can’t be found anywhere else. eBay Motors is so integral to the lives of gearheads that they often keep a laptop or mobile phone logged in as they work under the hood.

Thanks to the partnership with eBay Motors, through February 26, 2016, Turo users you can take advantage of a whopping 65% off parts and accessories from eBay Motors. Visit eBay Motors to learn more.


Brad edits and writes for the eBay Motors blog. eBay Motors provides car enthusiasts with rare or classic parts in a dynamic marketplace setting.