posted on November 4th, 2016

VW sweeps its controversial past under the rug, Uber’s first beer delivery, and Fisker takes another crack at a luxury EV.

VW tries to put its past behind it

Volkswagen abruptly parted ways with its esteemed in-house historian this week who had been chronicling its complicated past — including its involvement with the Nazis — over the last 18 years. According to The New York Times, Manfred Grieger’s contract ended this week, and VW seems to be exacerbating a crisis of public trust that began with its emissions scandal from earlier this year.

Round two for Fisker

After his first go at an electric car company, Henrik Fisker is giving it another whirl under the banner of “Fisker, Inc.”, completely independent of the ill-fated Fisker Karma company. In an effort to contend with Tesla, the company has announced a luxury, all-electric sedan, the eMotion, which will come with a more defined timeline in mid-2017.

Uber’s first beer delivery

San Francisco startup Otto, acquired last summer by Uber, just made its first autonomous truck delivery.  The technology is not meant to push drivers of their jobs, but rather to augment the interstate-driving experience for long-haul truck drivers. The precious cargo of this maiden voyage? 50,000 cans of Budweiser. Cheers!

Experience > ownership

Everyone’s talking about how millennials prefer access over ownership — that they’d rather amass memories of special occasions than amass things with a ton of overhead. That’s a narrative we frequently talk about at Turo, and it seems to appeal to more types of folks than just millennials. From private jets to boat rentals, the on-demand sharing economy is reaching into more corners of experiential transportation than just auto.

Car stolen in 1988 finally recovered

The Cubs waited 108 years for their World Series title, and the owner of a 1986 Nissan waited 28 years to recover their stolen car. It was pulled out of the Merrimack River in Haverhill, MA this week, though the details of the car’s waterlogged fate remain drenched in mystery.

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