posted on October 14th, 2016

Ken Block reveals the Hoonicorn V2

Ken Block has been capturing the hearts and minds of hoons everywhere with his Gymkhana videos, which, if you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, are like ballet dancing, but in a car, sideways, at lethal speeds. His latest video featured a ludicrous 1965 Mustang complete with an 845hp V8 and an AWD conversion, but apparently that wasn’t deadly enough. They have now revealed V2 of the car, featuring a twin-turbocharged V8 with top-mounted exhausts, producing “more than” 1400hp running on pure methanol. It’s safe to say the next Gymkhana video will be pretty exciting.

BMW recalls a single X3

Automotive recalls are old news. VW’s Dieselgate, Fiat-Chrysler’s shifter recall, Takata’s airbag recall, the list goes on. BMW was forced to add itself to the docket for a defect on a single 2017 X3 SUV. Apparently they discovered the contact pins on the vehicle’s electronic power steering system may not have been welded properly, increasing the risk of fire even when the vehicle was parked with the ignition off. One unlucky owner of a 2017 X3 xDrive 28i will get a call from their dealership next week, but the issue will be repaired free of charge.

Engines will get bigger to support stricter emissions standards

The recent mantra in efficient engine design of “smaller = better” may have reached its limits. The latest ultra-small powerplants, gasoline below 1.2L and diesel below about 1.5L, can meet current European emissions standards, but fall far short when subjected to real world driving conditions. In order to meet new, stricter standards over the next few years, manufacturers will have to slightly increase the displacement of engines, which don’t have to be turbocharged quite as aggressively to make their power, reducing heat and emissions.

Neighbors sue wheelchair-bound gearhead to tear down private garage

Sadly, that’s not a headline from “The Onion”. Three angry neighbors have been waging a six-year legal battle against Charles Williams of Delaware in an effort to tear down his four-car garage. Williams, who lost his legs in a freak 1993 construction accident, has been a lifelong gearhead and built the garage as a central gathering point for like-minded friends and family. A court decision has already been made in favor of Williams, but the neighbors are pushing further claims against him on the basis that the garage is being used for commercial purposes. On a positive note, as the story has gone viral this week, people have fully funded a GoFundMe campaign to assist Williams with the legal fees he has accrued to defend himself.

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