posted on September 21st, 2016

Ford wants in on the ride sharing business

In the ever-evolving automotive industry, Ford has realized that simply selling as many cars as possible is no longer the most profitable strategy. In today’s sharing economy more people are choosing not to own a car, and instead relying on ride sharing companies when they need a vehicle. Ford plans to launch a high-volume autonomous vehicle fleet by 2021, and has acquired a crowd-sourced shuttle service company known as Chariot, as well as a bike-sharing program in San Francisco.

Audi’s R&D chief suspended over Dieselgate

It’s been over a year since Dieselgate, and VW’s narrative that only a few rogue engineers were aware of the emissions-cheating software is starting to crumble. Investigations reveal that Stefan Knirsch, a member of Audi’s board, was aware of the software and provided a false testimony under oath. He has been asked to clear his desk.

10-year anniversary of Oprah’s free car giveaway

September 13 marked the 10th anniversary of one of the biggest television events in history, when Oprah masterfully worked her crowd into a fever pitch by appearing to only give away a few cars, only to reveal every member of the studio audience was receiving one. It was a masterful publicity stunt that drove Oprah to the peak of her career, but the $7.7 million giveaway couldn’t save the Pontiac brand from its inevitable demise in 2010.

Michael Schumacher still cannot walk or stand

Two years after a terrible 2013 skiing accident left him with a cerebral hemorrhage, Formula 1 racing icon Michael Schumacher is still struggling with his recovery. He cannot walk, and requires the help of therapists to stand. Keep fighting Michael.

Ex-Phillip Morris F1 boss detained and fined for cigarette butt

Singapore is notorious for its extremely strict littering laws, which someone must’ve forgotten to tell ex-Phillip Morris Vice President Maurizio Arrivabene. Arrivabene, currently working as Ferrari’s F1 Team Principal, was held in police custody for six hours and fined about $730 for flicking a cigarette butt into the street.

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