posted on August 12th, 2016

Audi’s new suspension turns kinetic energy into electricity

Whenever you hit a bump on the road, your shock absorbers turn that kinetic energy into heat, which then dissipates into the atmosphere. Audi is aiming to capture that wasted energy with a regenerative shock absorber technology called eROT, which also functions as an adaptive damper.

The hybrid market gets some Karma

The company that bought bankrupt Fisker has announced details about the new model. They have done away with the Fisker brand, shifting the name Karma from the model to the company name, and the new model will be known as the Revero. They also claim an increased all-electric range and better combined fuel economy than the previous model.

Mercedes-Benz trademarks electric sub-brand

Mercedes has been developing an all-electric line of vehicles to compete directly with BMW’s i range. Thanks to recent trademark applications, it seems the company will spin off their electric vehicles into a completely separate sub-brand known as MEQ, as well as everything between EQA and EQX, hinting at the model naming structure for the new brand.

Mercedes-Benz teases new Maybach coupe

Chief Mercedes-Benz designer Gorden Wagener teased a photo on Instagram of what appears to be a new Maybach coupe, with the caption “almost 6 meters of ultimate luxury.” This will be the first Maybach coupe since the one-off 2004 “Excelero” was developed specifically for Goodyear to test a new, ultra-wide tire.

An expensive fender bender

Casual cars & coffee events are one of the favorite past times of gearheads everywhere. This past Saturday brought national attention to the weekly Cars & Coffee event in Great Falls, VA when a classic Mercedes backed into a Ferrari 458 Speciale.

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