posted on May 27th, 2016

These are exciting times for the automotive industry — from self-driving cars to burgeoning startups to the much-hyped, super-souped electric vehicle market, the world is not short on car talk. Here’s this week’s highlights.

Uber goes autonomous in Pittsburgh

Last week, Uber announced that it had begun testing a self-driving Ford Fusion on the streets of Pittsburgh, PA. The Fusion is decked out with radar, lasers, and cameras, and “will be collecting road-mapping data as well as testing its real world traffic reactions,” according to USA today. All Pittsburgh-based drivers and pedestrians: keep an eye peeled for the autonomous hybrid and (perhaps) give it a wide berth as it learns the ropes.

2017 debuts for Alfa Romeo & McLaren

The 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio got its first drive review from Car and Driver. Long story short: “it’s good”, reports Mike Duff, who also recently got to take the 2017 McLaren 570GT for a spin. Pretty sweet gig.

Wyper app is Tinder for cars

Wyper, an iOS and Android app marketing itself as “Tinder for car shopping”, recently launched out of its beta phase and into the broader US market. Like Tinder, you swipe left when you’re not interested, and right when you’re digging it. The goal? “We want you to find the perfect car that you want,” creator Aaron Rosenthal told TechCrunch. “Don’t settle.”

The Hongqi L5 is China’s most expensive car

Forbes takes readers on a tour of the Hongqi L5, a beautiful boat of a car aimed at “billionaire businessmen” for the cool, cool price of $760,000.

Tech & apps are getting some skin in the car game

Apple designed and filed a patent for an iPhone-based car key, which is only driving more sensational speculation around the rumored Apple Car. A few weeks, vacuum giant Dyson announced that it too will be be getting into the solid-state battery game.

The Bentley Bentayga goes head to head with the Tesla Model X

Motor Trend pitted the 2017 Bentley Bentayga with the 2016 Tesla Model X, the fastest versus the quickest SUV in the world. Watch the video to see who claimed victory.

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