Joey Crosetti

by Joey Crosetti

posted on January 2, 2020

SUVs that are charged with excitement

The SUV is without a doubt a popular mode of transportation. Not only do SUVs have plenty of room to haul everyone and their cargo, but they also benefit from the added ground clearance and visibility, which checks all the right boxes for a practical daily driver. As automakers shift towards electric vehicle production, naturally a few SUVs have emerged with completely electrified powertrains. The good news though is a lot of EV SUVs have gained some serious performance in the process. Not only can these EV SUVs handle the trip to the grocery store, but they’re just as fun to drive for all the thrillseekers waiting to get behind the wheel.

Audi e-tron

Image: Audi

The Audi e-tron marks the next generation of the quattro all-wheel drive legacy. The all-electric powertrain of the e-tron is good for a combined output of 402 horsepower and 490 lb-ft of torque, meaning it can scoot to 60 in a swift 5.5 seconds. The e-tron’s resume doesn’t stop there though — it’s also capable of towing up to 4,000 pounds and has over 200 miles of range. Don’t forget the air-suspension, which gives the e-tron a superb ride quality, especially when the road gets bumpy.

While a lot of electric vehicles push the boundaries of design, the e-tron keeps true to Audi’s clean design language. Just like the rest of its family members, the Audi’s EV crossover has a sleek, yet subtle exterior, meaning it can blend in with traffic when you want it, but those with keen eyes will know it’s something special, especially when it skips stops for fuel.

Tesla Model X

Pacific Ride’s 2018 Tesla Model X (San Diego, CA)

When Elon unleashed the Model X on the world, the rear falcon wing doors were enough to captivate most spectators. However, Tesla’s first SUV is anything but a one-trick pony; put the hammer down on the 100D model and the Model X can clock the quarter in the mid 11’s with ease — and that’s hauling a hefty curb weight over 5,000 pounds.

The Model X is more than just a drag strip phenomenon. Built in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Model X prides itself on featuring the latest and greatest tech. The massive touchscreen puts all sorts of vehicle controls right at your fingertips. And when you’ve had enough driving, Tesla Autopilot can take the reins all while keeping you on the go.

Jaguar I-Pace

Tony’s 2019 Jaguar I-Pace (San Francisco, CA)

With a long history of luxury sedans and thoroughbred sports car, Jaguar threw a curveball to the automotive landscape when the brand introduced the all-electric I-Pace. Officially a crossover SUV by design, the I-Pace still prioritizes performance thanks to its athletic stance and sports car like handling. Sending a combined output of 394 horsepower and 513 lb-ft of torque to all four wheels makes the EV Jag more than ready to get up and go.

Jaguar might be a newcomer to the EV segment, but the I-Pace knocked it out of the park balancing design, practicality, and performance. The interior follows suit with a very modern and functional layout, yet still incorporates touches of classic Jaguar luxury. Factor in a range that exceeds 230 miles, and the I-Pace is the perfect companion for your next weekend getaway.

Joey Crosetti

Joey Crosetti

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