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by Joey Crosetti

posted on September 18, 2019

Three-wheelin’ fun for all

For a lot of drivers, fun in the sun usually means getting behind the wheel of their favorite sports car and dropping the soft top, or it might mean firing up the motorcycle and enjoying an early morning ride on two wheels. Somewhere in the middle lies the world of three-wheelers; not quite a car, and not quite a motorcycle, three-wheeled vehicles provide a unique driving experience sure to put a smile on your face.

Nowadays, the three-wheeled scene has all sorts of choices to suit a multitude of drivers. Switch things up and make your next adventure a triple dose of fun.

Polaris Slingshot

Juan’s 2015 Polaris Slingshot SL (Miramar, FL)

There’s no denying the Polaris Slingshot turns heads everywhere it goes. In the pursuit of all-out fun and performance, the Slingshot does away with any of the non-essentials. No doors and minimal bodywork naturally make the Polaris light on its feet. With 173 horsepower on tap, and tipping the scales at just over 1,700 pounds, the Slingshot is a seriously quick machine.

Valentin’s 2019 Polaris Slingshot (Los Angeles, CA)

The fun doesn’t end with the blisteringly fast acceleration. The Polaris Slingshot is just as ready to tackle the corners. Rack and pinion steering and double wishbone front suspension are sure to create a stir within enthusiast circles. For those who still desire some creature comforts, the Slingshot can be configured with a windscreen, a Rockford Fosgate audio system, and even a hard top for those long three-day weekend trips.

Can-Am Spyder

Valentin’s 2018 Can-Am Spyder F3-S (Los Angeles, CA)

For the crowd that still enjoys the seating position of a motorcycle, the Can-Am Spyder provides similar thrills with the added bonus of two wheels up front. This extra wheel translates to a more user-friendly riding experience, as the Spyder is inherently balanced thanks to the three-wheeled configuration. Since the Spyder weighs in at just 899 pounds, the 105-horsepower Rotax engine can get the Spyder up to speed in very short order.

While a traditional motorcycle can become tiring after long distances, the Spyder makes any trip a breeze. With a storage compartment up front and easy to operate foot pedals, the Can-Am Spyder is just as fun for newbies as it is veteran motorcycle riders. With plenty of available options, Can-Am offers loads of customization to set each Spyder apart from the crowd.

Vanderhall Venice

Jesus’s 2017 Vanderhall Venice (Doral, FL)

A blend of retro and modern, the Vanderhall Venice has all the elements of a classic roadster plus the contemporary punch of a turbocharged 1.5-liter engine. Heated seats, Bluetooth stereo system, and 6-speed automatic transmission mean the Venice is ready when you are to hit the open road.

Unlike other three-wheelers, the Venice takes a unique approach to design by utilizing a front-wheel drive layout. The engine sends its power to two wheels (vs. the single rear wheel), along with increased cornering stability. Additionally, the Venice features compact drivetrain packaging, making the passenger compartment a bit roomier since there isn’t a transmission tunnel running through the middle. The cleverness doesn’t stop there, as the Venice also incorporates a racecar style pushrod front suspension, which not only adds to the handling pedigree, but also keeps the body lines low and sleek.

Morgan 3 Wheeler

David’s 2015 Morgan 3 Wheeler (Kahului, HI)

Probably the textbook example of a three-wheeler, the mighty Morgan 3 Wheeler is the perfect mix of classic motoring in a bespoke hand-crafted package. Powered by an S&S V twin engine that sits right up front and center for everyone to see, there’s no mistaking the Morgan for any other vehicle. Power is sent to the rear wheel thanks to a slick-shifting Mazda 5-speed manual transmission, allowing you to be completely in charge of the Morgan’s soundtrack as you row through each of the gears.

Even when the journey comes to a slow, there is plenty of excitement to be had enjoying the Morgan’s attention to detail. Quilted leather upholstery, wire spoke wheels, and a vintage style dash with switchgear to match, the 3-Wheeler is a quintessentially British driving experience like no other.

Read our features on each of these popular three-wheelers: Polaris Slingshot, Can-Am Spyder, Vanderhall Venice, & Morgan 3 Wheeler.

Joey Crosetti

Joey Crosetti

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