posted on October 23rd, 2017

Halloween’s a-comin’ which means it’s that time of year again to load up on candy, break out those jack-o-lanterns, and come up with a cool costume idea that’ll get your friends a-talkin’.

For those of us who are exceptionally in the Halloween spirit this year, why not rent a cool car? ‘Cause there really is no better way to accessorize your costume or spook up your driveway than with a car fit for the occasion. Halloweeners celebrating in Canada this year should check out our unique selection of rentals that are bound to win you that costume contest or best-decorated house award.

Jaguar F-Type

Jason’s Jaguar F-Type, Richmond Hill, ON

Featuring an all-black silhouette that blends stealthily into the night, this sinister Jag is a must-have accessory for any superhero (or villain). But don’t let her discreet looks fool you, this kitty has a growl when put to the test.

Mercedes-Benz CL-Class

Fadi’s Mercedes-Benz CL-Class, Montreal, QC

A rare find, this “murdered” early-model CL-Class reminds us of something straight out of The Sopranos. Featuring a plush and luxurious cabin, a large trunk for all of your contraband (just kidding!), and a 604 horsepower V12 engine that can help you flee any crime scene in a jiffy (after conferring with the authorities, of course), the CL-Class is the ideal ride for any mobster-for-a-night.

Chevrolet Corvette

Aaron’s Chevrolet Corvette, Toronto, ON

Autobot or Decepticon? The choice is yours, but one thing’s for sure — the latest generation Corvette doesn’t disappoint when it comes to futuristic styling or just plain swag. And while we can’t promise you that this ‘Vette is out to save (or destroy) the human race, it’ll be sure to turn a few heads at this year’s Halloween party.

Lotus Elise

Manabu’s Lotus Elise, Jasper, AB

Exotic and unique, this all-black Elise is the perfect accessory for anyone claiming to be Gotham City’s saviour this Halloween. In fact, rumour has it that Batman himself rents out this car when the Batmobile is in the shop.

Tesla Model X

Rachel’s Tesla Model X, Burlington, ON

Whether you’re dressing up as an extra terrestrial or Elon Musk himself, you’re bound to make a statement when you pull up in a Model X. Complete with falcon doors, self-driving capabilities and a space-shuttle-like body, this ride’s an easy choice for anyone looking for that somethin’ special this Halloween.