posted on May 2nd, 2017

We know you want to be dappled in warm, golden sunlight. We know you can’t get enough of pine-scented forest air or fresh sea breezes wafting in and out of the cabin. We know the roar of the engine and hum of the road together in harmony is what gets you through the winter. It’s officially springtime, and even if the weather in your neck of the woods hasn’t gotten the memo, these zesty, bright convertibles are all set to reinvent their spring selves and add extra vavoom to your warm weather driving.

Jeff’s Aston Martin V8 Vantage 2007

All winter long this Aston wore one winter coat. It might be the same coat that he wore all of last winter, but he can’t remember because that was four seasons ago and he was someone else then. Since coming out of winter hibernation, he decided to go on a paleo diet to really get himself muscled and ready for tank top season, but then he found out it didn’t include ice cream. First he was pissed, and then he decided to just switch to an all ice cream diet, because you only live once, right?

Millbrae, CA

Justin’s Chevrolet Corvette 1964

This year, Sadie swears she’s going to better tend to the garden. Last summer, she just didn’t expect to be whisked away by a beautiful suitor to a tropical home in the Caribbean for the summer, and she’s genuinely sorry for all of the azalea that she let down. This spring she’s focusing more on herself and her own goals, including starting an Instagram account to document all of the beautiful things in her garden, and getting a refresh on her mani-pedi every week.

Sarasota, FL

Edward’s Ford Bronco 1977

This guy was the leader singer of a ‘90s ska band, that later turned into a reggae band — and he’s since learned that it was never a good idea for him to have dreads. As the winter recedes, he’s thinking that he’d really like to start an Elvis cover band, so that he can sport a slick pompadour and wear either a Hawaiian shirt or a glittery cape 24/7. He thinks this will be the perfect spring update to his beachwear.

Los Angeles, CA

Micah’s Jaguar F-Type 2014

This Jag has big plans to do yoga at the top of a mountain this spring. She’s already signed up for a bike tour and a triathlon, which are her usual style, but since her best friend has just started a new line of spandex activewear — printed with the faces of famous Internet animals — she figures this is the year she’ll finally learn to breathe properly and work on her Taraksvasana handstand scorpion pose. You know, after this gal charges up a mountain.

Wheat Ridge, CO

Andrew’s Alfa Romeo Spider 1978

It’s well-known amongst his friends that dining al fresco is this Alfa’s favorite activity. It was briefly ruined during his eighth birthday party, which took place at a zoo, when a jealous orangutan hurled its poop onto his cake. It was unapologetic; he swore it was laughing at him. But since then he’s gone on myriad delightful picnics, and enjoys baseball games especially because of the abundance of outdoor snack and seating options. As the spring awakens his inner youth, he’s decided it’s time to return to the zoo, and attempt to eat his cake once again.

Culver City, CA

Kent’s BMW Z4 2011

Spring cleaning is a big deal to this Z4. She’s cleaning out her garage, getting rid of the hats she never wears anymore, and has big plans to vacuum that space underneath her two front seats she never gets to. Then there’s the matter of her social life: her friend Herman always spits on her when he eats, her friend Patricia always claims she wants to have dinner but then cancels 10 minutes beforehand, and her friend Martha still accidentally mispronounces her name sometimes, even after seven years. This Z4 is a mean, sleek machine, and she doesn’t have time for extra baggage this spring!

Millbrae, CA

Edmund’s Porsche 911 2013

This 911 has been described as a curmudgeon on more than one occasion, but nothing quite opens him up like the springtime. He’s in a perpetually good mood, and has been known to fall into uncharacteristically warm behavior, like singing while he does his shopping, saying hello to strangers, calling back his family, and spontaneously throwing candy in the air to, as he explains “sweeten up the atmosphere.”

Las Vegas, NV

Jeremy’s Mini Cooper 2010

Spring in the desert is a fleeting yet awakening delight, and that’s just the type of pleasure that this Mini seeks. All winter she cultivated the skills to master ice sculpture, chalk art, and sand mandalas, and she’s eager to share these pieces of ephemeral beauty with her friends. She’ll be hosting a seasonal soiree in her backyard and is hoping that at least one of her attendees will be the next fiery romance in her life.

Austin, TX

Imtiaz’s Bentley Continental GTC 2012

This Continental isn’t trying to do anything except play golf this spring. That’s it. Golf. He’s already hired a high school kid to tote around his irons, and he’d like a few well-mixed cocktails hiding out in the cooler in the golf cart, but that’s all he needs. You’ll find him blissed out, hand to brow, watching his perfect drives sail onto the fairway, because let it be known, he’s been practicing his swing.

Santa Monica, CA

Olimpio’s Chevrolet Corvette 2015

This Corvette has always been afraid of the ocean, and for years, when all of her friends hit the beach, she just stayed home and complained about it. The movie Jaws originally ruined it for her, but it has been pointed out to her a million times that it’s not like she HAS to go in the water. All the same, she knows she’s been missing out. So this spring, she’s bought a brand new bikini and is planning to finally dip her toes in the surf.  

Miami Beach, FL

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Kamala Puligandla is a writer and an editorial assistant at Turo. She is always on the hunt for a strange story, a great snack, and the perfect outdoor spot to consume them.